Everything You Need to Know About Cell Painting

Get more morphological profiling parameters with cell painting

Cell painting in an innovative imaging technique that involves a set of fluorescent reagents that are used to visualize and analyze the spatial organization of cellular structures and components. A specialized assay is often used during drug screening to profile small molecules or other compounds on stained proteins in living cells. The pattern of cellular staining may revel morphological differences in samples treated by small molecule compounds.

In the new cell painting application note from Thermo Fisher Scientific, researchers will find guidance to expand their research by helping them better understand the practical applications of the cell painting technique in their research. 

In this guide, you will learn about: 

Get more morphological profiling parameters with cell painting
  • The sophistication of the high-content screening technology
  • Cell painting methods and results
  • Cell painting reagents and kits now available in the market
  • And more

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