Navigating Biotech Digital Security in 2024: 3 Reasons Why Compliance Should Follow, Not Lead

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss key aspects of data protection and security best practices

To stay current and competitive, today’s research labs require modern software, robust protection protocols, and a keen eye on evolving security requirements. These needs are especially critical in the biotech industry given the large volumes of sensitive data labs must process and store. Data security is not just routine procedure, but the core of safeguarding research data, the lifeblood of the lab. Ensuring adequate data protection, however, has become overcomplicated with technical jargon and complex certifications. How do you know if the tools you’re using are properly protecting your data?

In this webinar, Brendan McCorkle, CEO of SciNote, and data security experts from discuss the current landscape of data protection including security certifications such as FedRAMP and ISO27001, tips in software acquisition and other implications on lab digitalization. This conversational on-demand webinar provides essential insights and practical knowledge—with special relevance to the biotech industry—in a manner accessible to a wide range of roles and experience levels. 

We want to emphasize that this webinar video is designed to be audio-centric, meaning you can fully engage with the content by listening. Our speakers will guide you through a compelling discussion on data security and compliance without relying on visuals, enabling you to consume this content on the go or while multitasking.

Lab Manager invites you to watch or listen to this webinar to:

  • Understand the certification process for vendors to help you select the right digital solution for your needs.
  • Learn how to navigate the challenges and prospects of lab digitalization with a sound digital strategy to empower your research team and stay ahead of potential threats.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current data protection measures, beyond compliance checkboxes and misconceptions around security certifications.


Brendan McCorkle, CEO, SciNote

Brendan McCorkle



For the last 15 + years working in technology Brendan has started and grown multiple investor backed businesses, negotiated and managed a technology transfer out of a 2B+ healthcare system, and ran a successful turnaround. He has built enterprise SaaS business as well as a data science/data engineering heavy software consultancy. Before getting into technology he was a paramedic and a mental health technician, participating in one of the first rollouts of EHR technology in the US.

Brendan received a Master’s of Science in technology management at the University of Pennsylvania in a program jointly sponsored by Wharton and the School of Engineering. This program was created to support and develop executives sitting at the intersection of technology and business, which is where he has spent the bulk of his career.

Bhanu Jagasia, founding, chief executive & chief technology samurai,

Bhanu Jagasia
founding, chief executive & chief technology samurai

Bhanu Jagasia is an information technology and business professional with over 18 years of progressive information systems experience specializing in cybersecurity and managing security operations with multi-site infrastructures and multi-platform environments. His extensive background includes providing guidance on information systems for government agencies. Some of the notable feats Mr. Jagasia has achieved during his career have been leading the Department of Justice to the #1 position for the department’s overall security posture, beginning a successful IT Security consulting company, helped stand up and reinvigorated a third-party assessment organization (3PAO), authored several technical whitepapers and case studies.

As the founding samurai, he is responsible for overseeing all technology and operations as part of as well as providing security controls advisory and guidance for commercial and government organizations. Mr. Jagasia has hands-on experience leading all stages of system security, including requirements definition, auditing, scanning, and mitigation.

co-founding, president & chief information security officer samurai,

Kris Martel
co-founding, president & chief information security officer samurai

Kris Martel is a cybersecurity specialist whose qualifications include an MBA specializing in information systems technology and detailed knowledge of security tools, technologies and best practices. Mr. Martel has over 25 years of experience specializing in cybersecurity supporting the DoD, Federal Government Agencies, the Intelligence Community, and commercial companies. Mr. Martel’s extensive background includes providing guidance and support on DIACAP, FISMA, RMF, Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 503, and FedRAMP frameworks.

Mr. Martel currently serves as the president & chief information security samurai, where he is responsible for maintaining the security posture of the organization. He also serves as the federal services practice lead that includes all cloud services and consulting work.

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