Shot of a young scientist writing notes while working alongside a colleague in a lab

Creating a Biosafety Cabinet Training Program


Work with biological agents, especially work with unknown specimens that may generate aerosols, droplets, or splashes, or work with high concentrations or large volumes of materials should be conducted within a primary containment device, often a biological safety cabinet (BSC). Therefore, the BSC is a critical engineering control used to minimize exposure to biohazardous materials. However, users may or may not be trained specifically to use it—especially those working at lower levels of containment. Within the context of a larger biosafety training program, inclusion of specific information and hands-on training on the appropriate practices and procedures for working within a BSC can assist workers in safely handling or manipulating biological materials. 

This white paper will outline many free resources needed to properly train personnel to safely handle potentially biohazardous materials within a biosafety cabinet.

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