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Lab Manager helps lab managers make better decisions for their labs

Lab Manager

What is Lab Manager?

By focusing on laboratory management professionals, Lab Manager connects your marketing message with the audience that matters most—those with the authority to buy your products.

Our Target Audience

Laboratory managers, directors, and supervisors—key decision makers in the lab.

Why Do Readers Interact with Lab Manager?

As one might figure, most scientists go to school to become scientists. In time, they may become managers of their labs and, as such, their background and training is not in business or management, but science. Lab Manager helps by giving scientists the tools they need to be businesspeople and run their lab like a business.

Our Competitive Advantage

Lab Manager aims to deliver unique editorial to our readers by offering key business topics such as:

  • Management Tips
  • Lab Safety
  • Staffing
  • Budgeting
  • and more!

Why Should a Marketer Use Lab Manager?

Most media companies can claim to reach lab managers, but our readers are interacting with our brand as lab managers. Lab Manager readers are also involved in the key purchases for their lab.

Unique, creative, and informative editorial keeps Lab Manager readers highly engaged. Lab Manager helps lab managers make better business decisions for their labs. Lab Manager puts our marketers' messages in front of key decision-makers at the most critical part of the buying cycle.