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Buffer Creation Wizard

Automate your Buffer Preparation with the Tecan Buffer Creation Wizard The Buffer Creation Wizard.

by Tecan

The Buffer Creation Wizard is a Freedom EVOware® Add-on and allows the fully automated preparation of your set of buffers e.g. for subsequent screening experiments like High Throughput Process Development.

The user can import a *.txt file with the final buffer layout which has been generated by a Design of Experiment (DoE) software. The Wizard guides the user through six steps for entering all necessary information for the process such as used stock solutions and destination plate or tubes. All stock solutions and their key features are administrated in a data base.

The algorithm of the Buffer Creation Wizard calculates the required volumes of each stock solution for every single destination cavity. The total required volumes are summarized and provided in a ‘Shopping List’ which facilitates the preparation of the worktable.

Finally the Wizard generates a ready-to-run Freedom EVOware script which can be saved and run at any time.

The applications described here are not available in the US outside of the research market.

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