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Quick Tips from Linda: Purchasing Decisions

Tips for purchasing equipment for your laboratory

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Did You Know:

According to Lab Manager’s 2019 Purchasing Trends Survey, nearly half of all survey respondents reported an increase in spending compared with previous years, suggesting that many labs are entering a growth phase. Additionally, 20 percent of survey participants said their lab budget for building or setting up new facilities had increased in the last year.

If you are in a similar situation of growth and expansion, first off, kudos! This is a sign of success and new research innovations to come. But it is important to spend your finances wisely, so here are some tips to make smart purchasing decisions for your lab.

When looking to buy a new piece of equipment, carefully review things like after-sales support and warranties, which can ensure the longevity of the instrument and limit the need for future out-of-pocket repairs that you may not have prepared for in your budget. Nearly 75 percent of survey respondents added that compatibility with current equipment is also a crucial factor when making a new equipment purchase.

In 2020 and beyond, we will continue to see new automated products hit the market. Lab automation can lead to increased throughput, increased instrument uptime, and more efficient lab workers. Consider making the investment toward automation when evaluating long-term goals for your facility.

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