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CO2 Incubators Resource Guide

Questions to ask when buying a CO2 incubator

CO2 incubators are designed to copy a cell’s natural environment with a relative humidity of around 95 percent, a temperature of 37°C, and a pH of 7.2 to 7.5. They are most common in biology labs performing tissue or cell culture and are used in any process where cells need to be cultured for a few hours or many weeks or where cells need to be expanded or maintained. Applications of CO2 incubators include cancer research, protein synthesis, stem cell research, in vitro fertilization, vaccine development, and genetic engineering.

In this eBook, you’ll learn about: 

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  • Questions to ask when buying a CO2 incubator
  • Finding the perfect CO2 incubator for your lab’s needs
  • How to prevent biological contamination in your CO2 incubators
  • Incubators and shakers: navigating the used market
  • Comparing cooling technology in refrigerated incubators

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