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Computing and Automation

Buying a LIMS

How a thorough and disciplined approach can help buyers avoid unforeseen costs and other surprises

Competitive Advantage

Networking applications and the cloud have made it easier for individuals and businesses to collaborate. Meanwhile, the digitization of data [big data] has made it possible to identify collaboration partners and subsequently execute the outsourcing and offshoring of services and commodities as never before.

Lab Automation is Inevitable

In September 2012, the Institute for Laboratory Automation and Lab Manager — as part of the Lab Automation University program— will offer a series of webinars under the heading “Lab Automation Is Inevitable: Are You Ready?

Concerning The Cloud

While cloud computing is merely a metaphor to signify the abstraction of technology, resources and locations, the possibility of your laboratory missing out on the biggest technological leap ever is real. There has been a lot of hype over the

Modular & Flexible

Automated biological testing can take on many forms, ranging from individual instruments performing a single task to large, room-sized, custom-robotic systems capable of automating very complex tasks. In between these two extremes are simple modular automated systems designed to automate a select series of tasks necessary for a specific assay technology.

Automatic Identification

Performance and productivity expectations for the modern laboratory have never been higher. Test results must be accurate, timely, and provided in the most cost-effective way possible. Fortunately for lab managers, automation technology has advanced.

We Need Backup!

For many of us, our introduction to laboratory automation revolves around the formerly popular Technicon SMA (Sequential Multiple Analyzer, circa 1969) and the SMAC (SMA + C), when a computer interface was added to the platform in 1974.

Integrating Systems

With the architectual basis for integration still undeveloped, users must focus on their own requirements.

Managing Samples & Their Storage

Reliably tracking samples as they make their way throughout the scientific process is difficult yet absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, transcription errors, wrong versions of files or other mistakes are all too common and can lead to delayed product rollouts—or may even result in a product never making it to market.

Informatics Are Really, Really, Really Important

My lesson to you is this: come up with an offbeat title like this, give it to the editor of a periodical in jest, and the next thing you know, youll be writing an article to match. Still, the title is true. Informatics permeates the modern lab.