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Designing an Ultra-Low Freezer You Can Trust for Your Sample Storage

Understanding “How It’s Made Matters” was the tenet around which the Helmer Scientific Ultra-Low Freezer was designed and developed.  Care was taken to focus on each aspect of the product to ensure that every component works together to create an optimized system that instills confidence in the user. 

by Helmer

The benefits of the Helmer Ultra-low freezer go beyond what you can see and include design elements that provide a barrier against heat, an optimized refrigeration system, intelligent monitoring and diagnostic support, outstanding serviceability, and advanced manufacturing technologies that guarantee TrueBlue™ performance.

Design Matters

A unique Heat Barrier System™ was designed to provide four (4) levels of containment, combining an ice-resistant sealing surface with non-conductive materials to keep heat out, providing superior temperature uniformity and reducing frost. Robust, high-quality materials were used in the design of the outer door, inner doors, and the frame and cabinet design. These combine to reduce the amount of heat transfer, provide a tighter closure to minimize changes in interior temperature during door openings, and provide a compressed sealing surface to prevent cold air leaks.

Cooling Matters

The refrigeration system has been designed to optimize performance and protect the compressor. It provides maximum heat exchange delivering excellent uniformity and fast temperature response, increasing the overall efficiency and reducing the compressor run time. In addition, great attention to detail was paid to ensure the system works with the compressor to improve its reliability. The system can also adapt to changing environmental conditions and heat loading of product to further ensure reliable refrigeration performance.

Intelligence Matters

Our ultra-low freezers are smart. The i.C3® Information Center provides critical information at hand, offering peace of mind and early detection of alarm states. Intelligent diagnostic information and temperature data is readily available on the home screen while samples are safely stored inside as a result of the many security features. Integrated access control is included on every ultra-low freezer to ensure sample protection and integrity.

Serviceability Matters

Our outstanding serviceability was created by design. Field technicians were included on our design team to help organize the ultra-low freezer systems to create a freezer that is easily serviceable, reducing both downtime and repair costs.

Manufacturing Matters

Advanced manufacturing techniques promote maximum reliability. Ultra-low freezers are assembled in our state-of-the-art, eco-conscious manufacturing facility by highly trained team members in a temperature and access controlled room that provides the controls needed to ensure consistent, reproducible results.

It’s all about sample protection and integrity. We get it.

Confidence Matters. That why “How It’s Made Matters”.

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