For example, we’ve received many great comments about how useful our “Questions You Should Ask When Buying A…” lists have been, so those return this year, along with updated manufacturer lists and new product releases for each category, the newest mobile laboratory apps, and the latest distributors list.

However, while many aspects of our guide remain the same, this year we add an element of fun to that established content with new lists of interesting tidbits about the product categories, which replace our lists of signs that you should repair and/ or replace your equipment. The new content includes factoids such as when vacuum pumps were invented, recent trends in liquid handling, and where some of the largest glove boxes are located—just a little something to entertain you on your lab equipment search.

Of course, the guide still contains everything you need to get the purchasing process started for almost any type of lab equipment you require and is a great complement to our online Product Finder tools. Be sure to check out both whenever you need to go shopping for your lab.