Our Product Resource Guide has seen many changes since we first began producing it six years ago. Originally featuring reprints of key lab product-related articles from our regular issues, we’ve pared down the bulky copy over the years to simple lists and graphics for quicker and easier reference. This year, we add a bit more meat to our lists of questions to ask when buying laboratory equipment, turning them into mini Q&As to better explain why those questions are important.

Better connecting our print product to our online offerings is also the main goal of this year’s guide. We’ve included QR codes and links to our new laboratory product buying videos—which feature Linda the lab manager—and our online Product Finders and Product Pages, which continue to grow each year. The aim is to allow our readers to have our online content immediately available via their phones or tablets while they’re flipping through the pages of the print guide in order to provide them with all the key information about the lab products they need. Being as informed as possible beforehand is critical to making the best decision in any lab product purchase.

However, the period after you’ve made a product purchase is equally important. A product won’t perform at its best if it’s not regularly and properly maintained. That’s why we’ve gathered key maintenance tips for each of the 35 main product categories in the guide to help you keep your lab products happy.

And, if you need lab products fast but don’t happen to have a mobile device or computer handy, we’ve brought back last year’s comprehensive Directories of Manufacturers and Distributors so you can quickly find the right source for the lab products you need.

Whether you’re online or offline, Lab Manager has you covered when it comes to making the best product purchases for your laboratory.

Hope you’ve been having a great summer and all the best,

Rachel Muenz | Associate Editor