While print still has value today and likely will in the future, there’s no doubt we’re moving toward a digital world in the publishing industry and certainly in laboratory equipment purchasing. Gone are the days of thumbing through a catalog or directory when you needed to reload on consumables or replace a broken instrument. Now the Internet dominates when it comes to searching for and purchasing lab supplies and equipment.

You’ll see this trend reflected in this year’s Product Resource Guide as we move to enhance the online version and include even more helpful links in the main product categories of our print edition. From our related Linda the Lab Manager videos to our new infographics, you’ll find more information to help you make the right choice in equipment and supplies for your lab. We’ve also brought back refreshed versions of our popular Questions to Ask When Buying Lab Equipment lists and you’ll now find safety tips for each of the 35 key product categories featured in the guide.

As always, you can turn to our traditional distributor and manufacturer directories at the back of the book for quick reference, another print item that we aim to enhance online. Also on the web, you’ll find a special landing page for the guide that will better connect you with other related content on LabManager.com to help you in researching the lab products most important to your science.

Though print has its advantages—for example, research has shown that the tactile experience of print leads to better reading comprehension and engagement—we recognize that many lab professionals are now gathering the bulk of their information on laboratory products from online sources. To this end, we aim to continually build and expand upon our online Product Resource Guide and the Lab Product pages on our website in order to better serve our readers’ purchasing and product researching needs. Whether it’s in print or digital format, our aim with the guide is always to help you make the best decisions possible when it comes to selecting products for your lab.

Happy searching!