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Eppendorf epMotion 5075: Automation made simple

The epMotion 5075 LH is the ideal solution for advanced liquid handling demands.

by Eppendorf

The epMotion 5075 LH is the ideal solution for advanced liquid handling demands. It offers outstanding accuracy and precision making it an excellent tool for demanding, small-volume applications such as real-time PCR set-up or magnetic bead purification, as well as any routine pipetting task.

The 12 positions and the automatic tool exchange, expand the application range to handle complex patterns and higher sample numbers. With heating and cooling and the gripper option, the epMotion 5075 is one of the most flexible and failure-proof automated pipetting systems available.

With epMotion automated pipetting systems, you will see things in a new light. All your routine pipetting tasks, whether small or large, will be automated with better precision and safety than you ever experienced with manual pipetting.

Learn how simple it is to automate. The revolutionary and easy to use epMotion lends itself to nearly all laboratory environments. The software is so intuitive you can learn it in just one morning and be up and running protocols that same afternoon. The integrated PC makes the system easy to operate for anyone, anywhere. Features such as pipetting pattern recognition or the ready to go Plug’n’Prep® methods ensure that entering the world of automation is fast and easy.

Learn about our unique pipetting range from 1 μL to 1,000 μL. With epMotion, you can experience utmost precision even at the lowest volumes without complex pipetting commands. Our open platform lets you automate your applications with all your favorite labware. We have more than 2,000 single-tube formats, well plates, and even unusual plastics such as real-time rotor tubes included in our database and available for immediate use.

Discover new possibilities: Save reagent costs in real-time PCR, enjoy the choices in nucleic acid preparation, get more performance out of your cell culture work, finish first in your genomics projects, and experience more reliability in clinical research. With five models, two instrument sizes, and multiple pipetting deck combinations to choose from, epMotion is the perfect companion for your workload.

Automated real-time PCR set-up

Reproducibility in real-time PCR: Let it multiply!
With epMotion, you can increase reproducibility in real-time PCR experiments significantly. In an experimental attempt to pipette 96 times a real-time PCR sample, the epMotion shows superior results compared to manual pipetting by reducing the standard deviations. This decreases the number of sample replicates needed to statistically confirm an increase in gene expression. With epMotion, your real-time PCR experiments become more significant.

Versatility: Enjoy it with any real-time system!
The epMotion is compatible with any real-time cycler. With epMotion, you have the flexibility of using single tubes, 96- or 384-well plates, or unusual plastics such as real-time rotor tube-strips. You can even save on tips with the multi-dispensing capability of epMotion.

epMotion: Spend less on reagents!
Reagents are a critical cost factor when performing real-time PCR experiments, and sometimes the cost of reagents can even limit your research projects. epMotion delivers utmost pipetting precision from 1,000 μl to 1 μl. Reaction volumes as low as 5 μl can easily be achieved, cutting your reagent costs by as much as 80%.