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A photo of the cover of the Evaporator Resource Guide eBook
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Evaporator Resource Guide

by Lab Manager,KNF Neuberger

Evaporators remove water or organic solvents from samples, often for sample concentration, solvent recycling, or separating solvent mixtures. They are widely used in pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries, as well as many chemistry and life science laboratories. Rotary evaporators are often used to remove low boiling organic solvents, and the addition of vacuum can lower the boiling point. Nitrogen evaporators apply a steady stream of nitrogen to remove moisture.

 In this eBook you will learn: 

  • Questions to ask when buying an evaporator
  • A critical factor in choosing the right lab evaporator
  • How to deal with solvent bumping and foaming during lab evaporation
  • Looking beyond the rotovap for evaporator selection