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Cancer: Research, Discovery and Therapeutics

October 16-17, 2013

BioConference Live makes it easier and more cost-effective for the cancer research community to come together online through live video webcasts and real-time networking. BioConference Live attendees learn new concepts, tools and techniques that they can apply to research and diagnosis. BioConference Live requires no travel or time away from the lab or hospital, yet delivers all the benefits of a physical conference. Attendees can earn free CME and CE Credits.

Topics will include Epigenetics, Drug Discovery, Therapeutics, Detection, Stem Cells, Cancer Evolution and Resistance, Bone Marrow, Global Cancer Crisis, Brain Cancer, Cancer Genetics, Nanotechnology, Lung Cancer, Obesity, Energy Balance, and Metabolism, Colon Cancer, Cell Technologies, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Vaccines, Pancreatic Cancer, Melanoma, Liver Cancer, Lymphoma, Leukemia, Biomarkers, Monoclonal Antibodies, Cervical Cancer, Chromatin, Epigenetics, Immunology, Drug Development, Molecular Diagnostics, Signaling, Research Funding, Kinome/Kinase, Cell Engineering, Next-Generation Sequencing, and other topics.

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