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2018 LPA Sales and Marketing Workshop: Investing in Relationship Capital

The Laboratory Products Association (LPA) will hold the 2018 LPA Sales & Marketing Workshop on February 7-8 at the Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Laboratory Products Association

This program focuses on sales & marketing professionals and company leaders as they seek to optimize existing and prospective customer, colleague, and other key professional contacts.

The workshop will be presented by Ed Wallace, president and chief relationship officer of The Relational Capital Group. He is the author of Fares to Friends, Creating Relational Capital, Business Relationships That Last, and his most recent The Relationship Engine. Ed has become critically acclaimed as the foremost authority on business relationships and their impact on performance.

In this workshop tailored for the LPA, Ed Wallace will present the importance of “Investing in Relationship Capital” and how investing in business relationships that last can positively impact all involved.

Topics will include the importance of refocusing on the power of “relational capital” and the “principle of worthy intent" in a digital world; re-appreciating the essential qualities of Credibility, Integrity, and Authenticity; internalizing the Relational Ladder ® so participants can distinguish themselves with every customer and business interaction; and so much more!

Participants will learn new ways to launch business relationships, how to initiate follow-up meetings and navigate the industry with confidence, and how to develop action plans that allow for application of newly learned skills.

The LPA has a limited block of rooms at Sheraton Society Hill on Wednesday evening. For more information on the speaker, schedule, and hotel reservations, please visit

The Laboratory Products Association (LPA) was founded in 1918 as the Scientific Apparatus Makers Association. Its member companies are manufacturers and distributors of lab products and services such as glass and plasticware, chemicals, equipment and supplies used in scientific research and applied science and life science worldwide.