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Digital Event: Green Labs Digital Summit

Lab Manager's Green Labs Digital Summit
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Green Labs Digital Summit

Working Toward a More Sustainable Lab

July 12-13, 2023
From 11 AM EST

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Laboratories use a huge amount of energy, which can place a strain on the environment and also produce high utility bills for the facility. “Green” practices in labs can reduce environmental impact, and may result in a better return on investment for a lab in the long run. Learn about the latest techniques to cut back on water usage, increase daylight into dreary research areas, and reduce a lab’s waste output. Changes such as these can be made in the near future, which will improve a lab’s operations and output as time goes on.

Join Lab Manager on July 12-13 for our Green Labs Digital Summit. This two-day program will feature industry experts who will share their experiences in developing a more sustainable lab. They will offer advice, helpful strategies, and case studies to help you create a less wasteful, more efficient lab facility. Lab managers will learn new strategies to create a greener work environment, and will develop a sense of what questions to ask when implementing sustainable work processes and equipment. A Q&A session with the audience will follow each session. Register for free to attend this informative event.


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