How it Works: A Single-Source Workflow Support Program

By Fisher Scientific

Problem: Today’s laboratories are under ever-increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of their workflows. This is often a multi-faceted challenge that requires fulfillment of many diverse needs, and the failure to do so can often result in workflow bottlenecks and a breakdown in processes that prevent a laboratory from meeting its demands.

The rapid pace of scientific technology innovation means that scientists must have access to the right products and technical expertise to ensure success. One key challenge laboratories experience, however, is the large number of fragmented supply channels in the marketplace. This affects efficiency as labs are slowed by having numerous purchasing processes for products and services as well as many small components that laboratory technicians and managers have to optimize. Workflows are further compromised by having different customer care representatives for each piece of equipment, meaning that there is no single point of contact if an issue arises. In addition, limited access to technical experts in customers’ specific fields, for example chromatography, can also be frustrating and cause unnecessary delays in research.

Solution: Fisher Scientific, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, has launched a new program that overcomes problems associated with disjointed workflows and fragmented supply channels to deliver solutions across entire applications from sample collection to data collation. The RESULTS program aligns the extensive Fisher Scientific product portfolio across life science and analytical technologies, creating a single-source supplier to support customers and improve workflows across genomics, proteomics, microbiology, cell biology and separation science.

The analyses performed in laboratories every day rely on one thing: results. Whether they are working on complex research, reporting QC data for product release or isolating a gene of interest, scientists rely on results to make decisions, execute their next moves or take them to the next steps in a process or project. The RESULTS program provides access to an all-inclusive workflow solution that includes trusted brands, technical expertise and depth of product choice; this ensures success and consistent, dependable results. The goal is for customers to have the right product solutions to solve their research challenges and improve productivity, allowing them to focus on their day-to-day work.

In chromatography, for example, this type of program enables customers to choose from a wide selection of products for every application in their chromatographic workflow, from gas chromatography and highperformance liquid chromatography to liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy and thin layer chromatography. By having access to a complete portfolio of products, from sample collection through to analysis and results, as well as specialist knowledge whenever it is needed, customers can be confident that they are supported through every phase of their chromatographic processes. Working with a single supplier also enables customers to simplify their ordering processes, as the provision of a single point of contact ensures that they can get everything they need when they need it. In addition, consolidated ordering improves productivity and reduces costs, helping the customer achieve long-term savings.

Laboratories today need more than just an instruments and consumables supplier. They want a partner with expertise in their field who understands their industry-specific workflows and need to improve efficiency, while helping them identify the most cost-effective methods of achieving their objectives. Analyses are the main focus for scientists, and when they spend endless hours looking for best technologies and working with different vendors they lose valuable research time. RESULTS avoids this, providing laboratories with one supplier that designs and delivers application-specific solutions that ensure best possible results and improve workflows.

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