How a Bulk Solvent Delivery System Works

By EMD Millipore

Problem: Solvents are used in virtually every laboratory to perform routine research procedures as well as product quality control and medical and diagnostic tests. Laboratory staff are responsible for the documentation, staging, storage and transport of solvents, which compromises valuable time spent on research.  Lab personnel are also tasked with the handling and disposal of large quantities of solvents, many of which are toxic. Although solvents vary in degrees of toxicity, almost all can be hazardous to the skin, eyes, and in some cases the nervous and reproductive systems. Increased exposure to dangerous solvents presents a safety risk to those lab members handling them.

Traditionally, solvents are delivered in small, disposable containers that are not recycled and end up in landfills or disposal facilities. When disposed of incorrectly, these solvents also pose a significant risk to the environment.

Conventional solvent delivery, storage, and disposal is inefficient, harmful to the environment, and a potential safety risk to members of every lab.

The EMD ReCycler™ system containersThe EMD ReCycler™ system containers.Solution: One alternative to traditional delivery is the EMD ReCycler™ service, which delivers bulk quantities of solvent and solutions in reusable containers. Container size and delivery schedule are designed based on estimated solvent usage. Usage data determines future customized delivery schedules to ensure necessary solvents are always on hand. With this particular service, EMD Millipore delivers the containers; lab personnel simply inform the company when they are running low on solvent and new, full containers are delivered. Once the solvent is used, empty containers are removed, cleaned and refilled. The entire process is supported by a dedicated customer service team to ensure a seamless operation. Systems like this significantly reduce the waste typically associated with solvent usage and disposal, making labs more environmentally-friendly. In addition, the service reduces researchers’ exposure to solvents associated with the use of small, disposable containers, increasing the safety of the lab and those who work in it.

Most solvents, solvent blends, and grades that come in traditional bottles are available via the EMD ReCycler™ system. The service offers three container systems to address a range of customer needs. Basic container systems are suitable for most applications, while ASME-certified container systems are suited especially for those applications requiring higher pressure or long-distance transport. Specialty container systems provide a unique packaging system designed for chemically challenging products such as mobile phase blends and DNA/RNA synthesis reagents. EMD ReCycler™ containers are available in sizes from 18.9L (5 gallon) to 1,250L for the many diverse scientific applications from laboratory to small-scale manufacturing. These bulk solvent delivery systems meet the new NFPA 45 (2004) criteria and offer more flexibility in solvent storage.

Bulk solvent delivery systems make for more efficient, safer labs, where researchers spend less time disposing waste and handling chemicals, leaving more time to devote to important research.

For more information go to: emd-recycler/c_OcWb.s1OkrQAAAEjsVplzX_0?back=true.

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