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Maintaining Essential Operations Following Disaster Events

Maintaining Essential Operations Following Disaster Events

A team of experts can keep your laboratory up and running when disaster strikes


Q:How can I prepare my laboratory to maintain operations in the event of a natural or other unforeseen disaster?

The cost of a disaster event can be devastating for a laboratory organization. A prolonged interruption in production creates significant delays in delivering products to patients, and can lead to drug shortages. The subsequent financial losses, and damage to an organization’s reputation can take years to recover and repair. Implementing a disaster prevention and recovery plan is challenging, as it is difficult to account for every eventuality, such as fires, floods, accidents, pandemics, and even cyber crime. Nevertheless, it is critical to define steps to recovery, from creating a business continuity plan to defining the requirements for short-term to eventual long-term operation. It also requires a team of experts capable of rapidly mobilizing to assess the situation and begin implementing recovery efforts to support business continuity in the short-term, and work toward a complete resolution in the long-term.

A:PerkinElmer’s OneSource® Professional Services is an integrated solution for business continuity and disaster recovery planning and execution.

PerkinElmer’s OneSource® Professional Services combines business continuity and disaster recovery planning with a qualified team prepared to execute recovery solutions. Disaster prevention strategies are designed to maintain laboratory functionality and integrity under various conditions of uncertainty. In addition to workflow and process analyses, readiness assessments, gaps analyses, and inventory audits, the team can develop, test, review and update a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan. The team has expertise in laboratory technologies, instruments, information services, and compliance and can rapidly mobilize to begin remediation efforts in the event of a disaster. PerkinElmer’s OneSource® Professional Services helps laboratories reduce, manage, or eliminate potential risks, and provides a robust response when faced with a disaster event.

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