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How to Write and Conduct an Effective Performance Review

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss performance reviews and how to conduct performance discussions 

Management Matters Webinar

Wednesday, August 7, 2024


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Fairly evaluating staff performance and communicating that feedback to them is a vital responsibility of a lab manager. Most people have had very poor experiences with performance reviews and have a low opinion of the process. However, it is possible to do performance reviews in a different way that generates meaningful conversations about performance and enables better constructive feedback to staff.

The performance review has two important components, the written review and the review discussion. To prepare an effective performance review document consider writing a simple, one-page document that has three sections:

  • Accomplishments
  • Opportunity to improve
  • Core message

This document sets the stage for the review discussion. The key is to generate a meaningful conversation about performance. Start with things that benefit the employee like their accomplishments and how to grow existing strengths to improve. Then open a discussion about their full performance. Discuss what went well, what was a struggle, and what went poorly. Recognize and praise what went well and offer constructive feedback about how performance can be improved.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • Differentiate between accomplishments and activities
  • The importance of developing strengths
  • Building effective and authentic core messages
  • Preparing for the review
  • Using open ended questions to initiate conversation
  • The importance of courage in doing effective reviews


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