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Launching in April 2016, our Forensic Science Industry Insider webinars will explore the latest tools, trends, and techniques in forensic science. Whether you’re into toxicology or locating human remains, we’ve got you covered! You’ll have a chance to learn from three industry leaders.

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Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry continues to grow and change, with new regulations and techniques emerging seemingly every few months. In May 2016, our Industry Insider series will shift to issues such as food safety and compliance and tools to improve testing in the lab.

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Our three Environmental Industry Insider webinars will run throughout June 2016. We’ll explore some of the challenges environmental labs are tackling, the tools and techniques they are using to uncover contaminants, and the latest green laboratory initiatives and sustainable lab technologies.

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Life Science

Starting off the second half of the series, our Life Science Industry Insider webinars will run in September 2016. Our three speakers will provide their expert insights on key trends and the latest technologies and techniques that are changing the life sciences landscape.

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Running October 2016, these three webinars will focus on important challenges and changes facing clinical labs today. Our three speakers will share their insights on the methods and technologies for solving these challenges, as well as the latest trends affecting clinical labs.

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