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Know why Metrohm Titrators are Lab Favorites?

Because they give you everything you want, and do everything you need.

by Metrohm

Because they give you everything you want, and do everything you need.

What you need:

  • Precision – check
  • Accuracy – check
  • Reproducibility – check
  • High quality – check

What you want:

  • Ease of use – check
  • Affordable – check
  • Reliable – check
  • Great support – check

Metrohm has long been pioneers in ion analysis; in fact, our piston burette of 1956 laid the foundation for automatic titration (a design that’s still in use today), and we’ve been innovators and groundbreakers in the field ever since.

We offer a full line of titration systems – from simple, stand-alone units to fully automated, high-capacity models. You’ll find them hard at work in any testing lab, in any industry.

For titrations that are basic and beyond, we’re sure to have the perfect model for you:

  • Titrino Plus models are great for labs where the techniques are basic or budgets are tight
  • Titrando models are the best of the best: packed with convenience features, these “intelligent” systems practically run themselves!
  • Thermometric titrators are ideal for difficult sample and matrices — and if you need TRUE sodium numbers, these guys are worth their weight in salt!
  • New conductivity titrators handle the most difficult to measure endpoints
  • And when productivity and throughput rule your day, there’s Metrohm automation to speed your work and ease your load

Introducing the new Ti-Touch titrators for routine analysis.

Taking simplicity to a whole new level, never before has such a little titrator offered so much convenience! Simplicity for other brands may mean basic, but these models are far from that. What we mean by simplicity is a titrator that makes your work simple, yet still offers you the best that technology has to offer. Two models are available for Karl Fischer and potentiometric analyses.

Key features of Ti-Touch include:

  • Truly compact and space-saving footprint
  • Complete network integration – WITHOUT a PC
  • 14 user-defined programmable shortcuts
  • Built-in intelligence – smart components that track and monitor key parameters for you
  • Contact-free reagent exchange in our KF model ensures your safety
  • Safety-stop function even prevents the titration cell from overflowing during conditioning in KF mode
  • Rugged, chemical-resistant housing and touchscreen display – requires no replacement film and is very easy to clean

See our complete line of titrators at

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