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Develop a design plan that accommodates many different requests while setting realistic goals

MaryBeth DiDonna

MaryBeth DiDonna is lab design editor and digital events editor for Lab Manager. Her work for the lab design section of the publication examines the challenges that project teams...

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The Design Digital Summit, which will take place on June 14-16, is Lab Manager's virtual conference dedicated to the professionals who design, build, and renovate laboratories and healthcare facilities. Join this community of your peers for a series of informative webinars led by leaders in the lab design/build community.

Lab Manager Design Summit

Featured topics will include operational and energy efficiency opportunities, safety concerns when designing high-rise labs, the latest innovations in lab equipment and casework, challenges and solutions when renovating or expanding existing laboratory facilities, effective collaboration strategies between lab managers and project teams, and more. A Q&A session will follow each presentation, where attendees are encouraged to ask questions about improving their own lab facilities. All of these webinars will be available after the Summit for free OnDemand viewing. 

The Design Digital Summit will also feature presentations from the winners of Lab Manager's third annual Design Excellence Awards. The top prize winners in the categories of Innovation, Sustainability, and Safety will offer one-hour webinars detailing the challenges each team faced during their design/build process and how they overcame them; the unique design features of their respective projects; and the collaboration strategies employed by these professionals when working with lab managers and directors. Find out what makes these labs the best of the best, and take notes in preparation for entering our 2023 competition!

Please join us on June 14-16 for this exciting virtual event! Book your FREE spot now by registering at We look forward to seeing you there!