Back in the day, I was responsible for managing and maintaining the Material Safety Data Sheets for the company for which I worked. I always thought it would be great if our workers had some material to support the MSDS safety training we provided.

Having a proper understanding of HazMat Labels and MSDS is definitely one of the best protections against injury while handling hazardous materials. The problem is that they're often overly technical and the different labeling systems can also be confusing.

One way to make life easier for all your workers is to put up posters that provide clear instructions on how to decipher the MSDS and Hazardous Material Labels. If there is any confusion, all the employee has to do is refer to the poster so he or she can quickly locate the chemical dangers as well as the proper precautions to take.

Compliance Notices makes such posters available. "How to Read Hazardous Material Labels" shows examples of the four most common labeling systems in use today and describes each type in plain English.

"How to Read an MSDS" guides workers through safety data quickly so they can spot and avoid potential hazards.

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