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Common sense is probably one of the most important parts of laboratory safety. Unfortunately, as a lab professional, you've likely seen many things done in the lab that aren't very smart at all. Here are 10 of the dumbest things writers from Bitesize Bio have seen done—or even done themselves—in the laboratory.

  1. People working with their heads in the fume hoods
  2. Workers opening Beta-mercaptoethanol outside of a fume hood
  3. Making or storing food in the lab
  4. Eating close to or directly at the lab bench
  5. Balancing tubes by eye while using superspeed centrifuges
  6. People protecting their eyes while using a UV transilluminator but forgetting to protect their arms and hands with sleeves and gloves.
  7. Lab workers thinking regular safety glasses will protect their eyes from UV transilluminators
  8. Working without safety goggles or glasses
  9. Working without a lab coat or wearing a lab coat outside of the lab
  10. Using chemicals without reading the accompanying MSDS (now SDS)

What are the dumbest things you've seen done in the lab? Share this article and let us know!