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Lab Manager Leadership Digital Summit

Run Your Lab Like a Business

Lab managers already possess the skills needed to be great researchers, but many have expressed the need for more training to effectively manage and lead their lab. Managers are tasked with budgeting and financial decisions, creating a positive work culture, ensuring the lab has the right equipment and instruments, hiring and retaining staff, ensuring compliance to health and safety standards, and much more.

Lab Manager will cover these and other topics on October 20-21, as part of its virtual conference, “Run Your Lab Like a Business.” Expert speakers will offer guidance on topics of relevance to the lab manager community. They will provide useful tips and things that managers can do now to improve their leadership skills, as well as create a positive experience for their staff. Top experts in the lab management field will share advice on how to identify one’s own management style, how to feel good/confident about making difficult decisions, and common mistakes to avoid in the job. Audience members will be invited to participate in a Q&A with speakers during each session, as they gather information to take back to their own labs and improve their own experiences.

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