Chromatography Data Systems

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Chromatography data systems (CDSs)— the data “back end” for gas, liquid, ion, and supercritical fluid analytic chromatography—have evolved over the decades from simple chart recorders to onboard processors with minimal storage and analysis to personal computer-based and, finally, to connectivity with “peer” instruments and supervisory software systems. Today’s CDS is multifunctional, multitasking, and often vendor-neutral.

2 Reasons to Replace Your Existing Chromatography Data System

Vendor has discontinued or ended the life of software and support for product.
Cost prohibitive to upgrade to new version.

Top 7 Questions That You Should Ask When Buying a Chromatography Data System

What are the key elements you need to have from the data system?
What differentiates the vendor’s software from others offered, in terms of chromatography data handling, customization and powerful analysis?
How do you validate the specification claims presented by the vendor?
Has the data processing software been designed for enhanced analytics, with lab workflow in mind and does it support critical compliance requirements?
What are important price points to keep in mind when selecting a GC software package?
Laboratories need fast and effective services. This includes an effective distribution of installations, help desk, education, and service personnel. How does the company serve these needs globally?
Is validation, like support for 21 CFR Part 11, critical for you?

Recently Released Chromatography Data Systems

Dionex Chromeleon 7.2 CDS

  • Bridges the gap between gas, liquid, or ion chromatography and mass spectrometry
  • Suite of automation tools, including Cobra detection algorithm, SmartPeaks integration assistant, and linking panes are designed to reduce review time and data processing
  • New consolidated report function easily generates summaries of very large data sets to facilitate interpretation of results

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Empower 3

  • Provides customizable data reports
  • Includes integrated custom calculations
  • Features relational data so all your meta data is traceable back to the raw data
  • Boasts optimized workflow for different users and different analyses
  • Also features enhanced 21 CFR Part 11 compliance capabilities such as electronic signatures


CompassCDS™ 3.0

  • Eliminates the costs associated with licensing of named users
  • Provides operators with a powerful tool for a variety of analytical operations
  • Available as a standalone or fully networked client/server application
  • Designed to operate in 24/7 production environments with current Windows versions as well as with Virtualized and Citrix metaframe installations



  • As a straightforward upgrade, it is 100% compatible with the raw data, methods, sequences, and results of the existing ChemStation and EZChrom Elite
  • Also adds a host of new features to boost productivity
  • Built on the fully scalable OpenLAB architecture, making it future-proofed
  • Delivers enhanced reporting and lets you monitor your lab from anywhere-even from your smart phone


Chromatography Data Systems Manufacturers





Hitachi High Technologies




SRI Instruments

Thermo Fisher Scientific


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