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Top 3 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Clean Room Furniture

Top 3 Signs That You Should Service or Replace Your Clean Room Furniture

The furnishings (due to size or configurability) are not suited to new applications you are getting into or do not meet the clean room’s classification by Federal Standard 209E for airborne particulate cleanliness.
The furnishings are damaged or worn out by exposure to liquids and solids processed inside the room or are a main source of contamination in the clean room.
New applications mean you need a different material of construction for your clean room furniture or casework, either coated steel, stainless steel, or polypropylene—or a higher grade of one of these materials. For example, the lowest grade of polypropylene will minimize fire damage while the highest grade, FM-4910, will self-extinguish if it catches fire.

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Buying Clean Room Products

What applications are you using your clean room for? This will determine the classification of cleanroom you will need and the setup and type of shelves, cabinets, hinges and doors you’ll require. If you expect applications to change in the near future, getting modular casework is probably a good idea.
How easy to clean is the furniture and other equipment? Clean room products must be easy to clean since the purpose of a clean room is to protect the environment from hazardous or sensitive materials.
What materials will you be working with in the clean room? This will help you determine what finish/materials you will need in your clean room furniture, etc. Polypropylene casework is a good choice if your lab works with corrosive acids or chemicals that experience high humidity. However, it is expensive while casework made from welded steel with an epoxy powder coat finish is more economical and also has high resistance to acids and moisture.
How large is the space you will be working in? This will also help you decide the size, shape, and configuration of clean room products you will need.
How much do the products cost? Ask about warranties and how long the products last, based on their use with the materials you work with.

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