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Preparative Ion Chromatography

by Angelo DePalma, PhD

Over the last 30 years, the purification of therapeutic molecules, especially proteins at manufacturing scale, has driven many of the advances in preparative chromatography

Selecting the Right Cell Culture Media

by Angelo DePalma, PhD

Cell culture media fuel modern life sciences research. Whether the objective is cell-based assays, antibody production, or virus replication, the medium is a make-or-break component

How Western Blotting Works

by Bio-Rad Laboratories

Problem: Nearly 40 years after its introduction, western blotting continues to be a powerful method for protein quantitation. Arguably, finding the right antibody to detect the protein of interest is the technique’s most critical and challenging step.

INSIGHTS on Developing Antibody-Drug Conjugates

by Mike May, PhD

Clinicians and patients alike know that traditional cancer treatments beat up the person as much as the cancer. Success arises only if the treatment kills the cancer before the patient. For decades, researchers sought solutions that attacked only the cancer, not healthy tissue.