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Gain expert insights on pipette selection, maintenance, and ergonomics to elevate your lab’s efficiency and precision.

Pipette Resource Guide

Beyond simple liquid transfer, pipettes are essential for ensuring precision, accuracy, and efficiency in numerous lab procedures. With a wide range of options available, each with different features and applications, selecting the right pipette is crucial for meeting the demands of different tasks. Proper maintenance and calibration are equally important for ensuring accurate and reliable measurements. 

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Ergonomic considerations are an often overlooked aspect of lab equipment. Neglecting ergonomics, especially for pipettes, can result in discomfort or injury to lab personnel with frequent or prolonged use, which can harm staff wellness, accuracy, and productivity. 

  • Tips for selecting the right pipettes for your lab
  • Ergonomic pipette design and its role in minimizing injury
  • Best practices for proper pipetting
  • The impact of pipette tip design
  • Advice on regular calibration and maintenance practices to ensure pipette longevity and precision
  • How automated pipetting can revolutionize lab workflows and boost efficiency


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