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Freeze Dryers

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Freeze Dryer Resource Guide

Freeze-drying, or lyophilization, is an established process in the food, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries that involves the removal of water or another solvent from a frozen product by means of sublimation. This process is commonly used for improving product stability, for long-term preservation, for product purification, and for sample preparation. While the immediate benefit of freeze drying is obvious—the ability to store samples at ambient temperatures—freeze-drying also may afford long-term savings by eliminating the need for costly cold storage.

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FreeZone® Triad® Freeze Dryers

by Labconco
Labconco knows lyophilization, having been a trusted supplier of freeze dryers to laboratories around the world for over forty years. FreeZone freeze dryers are well known for reliability because they’re built to the highest possible standards with superior materials. With the convenience of pre-freezing in the chamber, the flexibility of freeze drying in flasks or in bulk, and the built-in stoppering mechanism, Labconco’s FreeZone Triad® Freeze Dryer can handle the widest variety of samples.

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