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2017 Lab Ovens User Survey

by Erica Tennenhouse

Find out readers’ ten preferred lab oven features and more from the results of our latest product survey

Seeking Energy Savings

by Mike May, PhD

Labs are increasingly concerned about the energy efficiency of constant temperature equipment, and how its efficiency is affected over the equipment’s life

2015 Lab Oven Product Survey

by Trevor Henderson

Laboratory ovens are common instruments in most laboratories and are used across most scientific disciplines. Lab ovens are most commonly less than 12 cu.ft. in volume, although a great variety of sizes are available in benchtop, stackable, and floor-standing models. Over 25% of survey respondents reported using larger ovens in their labs. While lab ovens are most commonly used for heating and drying (75.6% of respondents), they find a variety of other uses including temperature-linked experimentation (41.7%), evaporating (37.0%), baking (16.5%) and sterilization (11.8%).