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Required Reading for Cell-Based Assays

by Angelo DePalma, PhD

The transfer of standard “test tube” chemical, biochemical, and live-cell assays to microplate formats boosted scientists’ ability to run large-scale, replicative experiments in many different formats

Microplates for Cell-Based Assays

by Angelo DePalma, PhD

Cell-based assays have become the go-to technology for pharmaceutical, environmental, and toxicology labs. Cells are far less costly to maintain than test animals and don’t involve the ethical considerations. But the complexity of cell-based assays compared with chemical or biochemical assays presents distinct challenges to laboratory managers.

Product Focus: Microplate Readers

by Mike May, PhD

Life scientists started using microplates in the 1950s, with some of the first ones literally machined from solid blocks of plastic. You don’t need to wander around a molecular biology lab long today to see the progress in microplates, some now including thousands of wells.

Product Focus: Microplate Handlers

by Angelo DePalma, PhD

Microplate handlers are the robotic “glue” that unifies operations around a microplate workflow. The
 evolution of robotics and software has caused a “democratization” of lab automation in general, and microplate handlers in particular.