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2016 Stirrers Survey Results

by Ryan Ackerman

Find out readers’ most frequently encountered issues and more from the latest stirrers and mixers survey results

Sample Conditions Today and Tomorrow Determine the Specs to Select When Buying a Stirrer

by Mike May, PhD

Some scientific and even industrial stirring applications seem no more complex than mixing milk in your coffee, but others demand much more control. In fact, some of the most demanding stirring applications might not even sound so complicated, including dissolving powdered milk in water, combining oil and water, incorporating pigments in a base coat of paint, and so on.

2014-15 Product Resource Guide: Shakers and Stirrers

Get fun facts about shakers and stirrers, a list of questions to ask when buying shakers and stirrers, the most recent shaker and stirrer releases, and an updated shaker and stirrer manufacturer's list in this section.