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2017 TOC Analyzers Survey Results

by Erica Tennenhouse, PhD

Accuracy and performance of results are the top most sought-after features in a TOC analyzer, according to our most recent survey results.

2015 TOC Analyzer Survey Results

by Trevor Henderson

Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzers are a mainstay of environmental and quality control chemistry. TOC, a crucial metric in many processes, may arise from a combination of living or dead organisms or chemical contamination. Its measurement can serve as a surrogate for more difficult measurements or a screen for further analysis.

INSIGHTS on Water Testing Laboratories

by Angelo DePalma, PhD

Water testing laboratories hold a unique position among analytical facilities in their interaction with broadly diverse government and private entities.

Product Focus: TOC Analyzers

by Angelo DePalma, PhD

Total organic carbon (TOC) analyzers present a rapid, efficient measure of the carbon contamination content of public drinking water and ultrapure water for lab operations.