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April 2016 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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3μm Amylose-1 Chiral Columns


  • These high-efficiency Lux polysaccharide columns are ideal for UHPLC, HPLC, and SFC chiral screening and analysis
  • Now with two sizes—the new 3μm and existing 5μm particles—method scalability from analytical work to preparative purification is seamless
  • Deliver increased separation power with their broad recognition and high efficiency levels
  • 3μm-particle media is available in analytical columns


Silicon Drift Detector


  • For the Thermo Scientific ARL QUANT'X ED-XRF spectrometer
  • Designed to dramatically improve elemental analysis capabilities for a broad range of applications
  • Utilizes a 1,000-micron silicon crystal, more than double the thickness of silicon drift detectors on the market, providing enhanced sensitivity for the detection of heavy elements
  • Can be stopped overnight and re-started in less than three minutes

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

UHPLC System

UltiMate 3000 RSLCnano

  • Combines higher nano LC performance with versatility and ease-of-use
  • New ProFlow technology increases retention time precision, resulting in high-quality data with accurate quantitation
  • Offers reduced start-up time and simplified system operation so that researchers can focus more time on data acquisition and analysis
  • Provides a wide flow range (nano-to-micro flow rates) in UHPLC mode, and more

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Research System with iKnife Sampling


  • Combines direct-from-sample ionization with high performance time-of-flight mass spectrometry and powerful, intuitive analytics
  • Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry™ (REIMS™ with iKnife™ Sampling System eliminates the need for sample preparation and chromatographic separation, providing food, microbiology, and tissue researchers with near-instantaneous data acquisition
  • Allows researchers to quickly and easily differentiate samples from one another


Basic Lab

Analytical and Precision Balances


  • Feature an advanced capacitive touch keypad and one of the largest LCD readouts in the industry
  • Connectivity, whether it’s basic data printing or advanced communication with a LIMS, is achieved with USB and RS-232 interfaces
  • Come in three different body styles
  • Offer a wide range of weighing units to facilitate numerous lab applications

Adam Equipment 

Biological Safety Cabinets

Purair BIO

  • These Class II Type A2 biosafety cabinets minimize and contain Biosafety Level 1-3 agents
  • Maintain negative pressure inside the cabinet during operation to prevent contaminants from escaping the work area
  • HEPA filtration scours 70% of the incoming room air to protect the products, while the remaining 30% of the exhausted air is filtered by a second HEPA filter

Air Science USA 

Lab Safety Products

  • Provide a complete solution for designing an integrated, reliable, and compliant gas delivery system for noncorrosive, high-purity, flammable gases
  • Consist of high-purity zone-valve boxes, emergency shut-off valves, and safety monitors that work in combination with C Series gas cabinets and the 585 Series emergency shut off controller


SEM Calibration Standards

EM-Tec MCS and M Series

  • Specially developed for magnification calibration or critical dimension measurements in tabletop SEM, standard SEM, FEGSEM, FIB, Auger, SIMS, and reflected light microscope systems
  • Made using the latest MEMS manufacturing techniques with high contrast chromium deposited lines for the larger features and gold over chromium for the smaller features below 2.5 μm

EM Resolutions 

Focused Ion Beam Grids


  • Offer a secure way to attach TEM lamellas to the posts during lift-out procedures with FIB or SEM/FIB systems
  • Available in multiple post configurations with a shape optimized for easy accessibility
  • Compatible with all standard 3 mm TEM grid holders
  • Come in three types: copper, molybdenum and unique, smooth-walled molybdenum

EM Resolutions 

High Definition Longwave Infrared Camera

FLIR T1030sc

  • Delivers excellent thermal sensitivity, clarity, and high-speed streaming
  • Couples an extraordinarily sensitive detector, with new FLIR OSXTM Precision HD-ready optics
  • Routinely detects temperature differences of less than 20 mK at 30°C
  • Functions as a standalone data collection and analysis system in the field or as a fixedmount thermal measurement solution in the lab

FLIR Systems 

Evaporator Series

3 HT

  • Features LyoSpeed™ Fast Lyophilisation technology, developed to provide a rapid, high-throughput alternative to freeze drying HPLC purification fractions
  • Enables pharma labs to now routinely dry HPLC fraction samples to a powder form, such that the samples can then be accurately weighed, easily sub-sampled, and re-dissolved


Fume Hoods

UniFlow SE AirStream

  • Constructed entirely of chemical resistant, flame retardant, non-metallic composite resin materials
  • Features an exclusive “Unitized” construction that does not require screws, bolts, rivets, or metallic hardware to assemble
  • UL 1805 certified and is offered in 48”, 60”, 72,” and 96” widths in either constant air volume or restricted bypass models


Transmission Electron Microscope

JEM-F200 (F2)

  • This high throughput 200kV S/TEM offers a cold field emission gun (Cold-FEG) and dual silicon drift detectors
  • The high brightness/narrow energy spread of the Cold-FEG achieves high energy resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) for rapid identification of chemical bonding states
  • Dual silicon drift detectors offer high sensitivity and throughput for X-ray analysis


Wireless Barcode Reader


  • Designed to lay flat, allowing users to set it directly on the benchtop and scan tubes or racks without holding it
  • For samples that should not be exposed to ambient conditions, the reader can easily be used as a handheld instrument, reading samples while they remain safely in storage
  • Can read tubes in a cold environment, capturing and sending data via Bluetooth to a paired computer

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Gravity Oven

NCL LabStrong

  • Offers industry leading temperature uniformity performance at an exceptional price point
  • Gentle drying and heating, with low turbulence, protects delicate samples where a fan airflow would disturb them
  • An advanced 4.3’’ display with touchscreen graphical control provides intuitive operation with precise temperature control
  • This lightweight, compact oven conserves benchtop space and fits in most fume hoods


Handheld Tube Reader

DataPaq™ Handheld

  • Provides users with the ability to immediately identify tubes and track samples when away from the lab
  • Can be operated using one hand and incorporates a lightweight build and intuitive interface that’s easy enough for anyone in the lab to use
  • Since the scanner is battery-operated, users have the option to effortlessly enter data about specific samples as soon as they’re scanned


Filtered Chemical Workstations

Isola™ Series

  • Provide protection to the end user and environment from hazardous chemical fumes and vapors
  • Feature a filtration matrix that is configured of three stages of filtration media that effectively adsorb and capture a wide range of contaminates
  • Series consists of three models: Isola™ VUE, Isola™ PRO, and Isola™ EDGE
  • Include the EverSafe™ III Touch Screen controller


Transit Time Ultrasonic Flow Meter

FDT7000 Series

  • Boasts easy installation with its snap-clamp on pipe transducer body sensors that do not come in contact with the internal liquid
  • The technology has inherent advantages over alternate ultrasonic devices including: low-cost, easy installation, no pressure head loss, no moving parts to maintain or replace, no fluid compatibility issue, and a wide measuring range that ensures reliable readings


Benchtop Liquid Chiller


  • Has been upgraded with a pulse width modulating (PWM) controller incorporating four PID temperature ranges for improved temperature control over a wide temperature range
  • USB communications, operational, and data logging software are standard
  • New more physically rugged design lends the product increased durability for a wider variety of application environments such as truck beds, factory floors, and lab benches


Rack Reader

DataPaq™ Cube

  • Utilizes a dual camera set-up and unique cuboid design
  • Provides a flexible system for scanning 2D datamatrix coded tubes housed in all currently available rack formats and offers one of the fastest sample scanning and tracking solutions on the market
  • Dual cameras combine to produce high quality images that eliminate the risk of edge effects and tracking errors


Chemicals, Kits, and Reagents

Skeletal Muscle Differentiation Kit

  • Offers researchers a unique tool to rapidly differentiate donor stems into functional myotubes in a reproducible fashion
  • Tested on a wide range of human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cell lines
  • Follows a simple three-step process of media changes and cell passaging
  • The three step protocol generates a highly pure population of approximately 70 percent skeletal muscle myotubes in weeks


Metal Scavenger Screening Kit

  • Includes five 1 g pre-packed tubes of ISOLUTE® Si-TMT, ISOLUTE® SCX-2, ISOLUTE® Si-Trisamine, ISOLUTE® Si-Thiol, and Biotage® MP-TMT metal scavengers
  • Features an easy-to-use format with detailed instructions that enable researchers to screen active pharmaceutical ingredient product mixtures and identify an optimum scavenger for their downstream metal removal process



Application Suite

EM Suite

  • Aims to help scientists improve experimental reproducibility
  • Includes Elemental Insights, an intuitive web-based software application that provides real-time visualizations and dashboards to pinpoint factors affecting outcomes
  •  Also features Elements, networks of distributed intelligent sensors that passively monitor the lab environment
  • Includes Elemental Alerts, text and email notifications should any of the Elements encounter an anomaly

Elemental Machines 


LabVantage 8

  • Includes a new user interface—developed with extensive customer input—that greatly enhances usability
  • Features an improved design for viewing and managing critical data making it quicker to access and intuitive to use
  • A new scheduler interface features a calendar view, schedule randomization, and local time zone support
  • Boasts a new end-to-end formulations solution that manages compound recipes

LabVantage Solutions 

Thermal Cycler Software

Alpha Cycler 4

  • Allows users to monitor time until runs complete via the Alpha Track monitoring app
  • App also reports error messages back to PCRmax, on system health and condition, thus allowing PCRmax to monitor each unit and spot problems before they occur
  • Reporting feature acts similarly to a preventive maintenance check each time the report is sent back to the PCRmax technical support team


Life Science

Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis System


  • Features a modular design and can be simply adapted to perform most single-base pair mutation detection techniques that are used in DNA mutation analysis
  • Fully equipped with temperature control unit, stirrer, and gradient mixer and casting accessories
  • Able to perform heteroduplex analysis, parallel denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis, and constant denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis

Cleaver Scientific 

Multiplex DNA Assembly Technology

  • Scales the manufacture of synthetic DNA by nearly two orders of magnitude
  • Will be applied to Gen9’s BioFab® next-generation DNA synthesis platform over the next ten months
  • Increases the BioFab’s manufacturing capacity and will decrease costs to a fraction of one penny per base pair when fully implemented


Ultra Stable Microscope Platform

ZDeck Quick Adjust Platform

  • This high quality, height adjustable platform is designed specifically for upright microscopes widely used in electrophysiology and neuroscience
  • Compatible with most commercially available vibration isolation tables
  • Offers an exceptionally stable platform, ensuring that your experimental area is as smooth and vibration-free as possible
  • Top surface breadboard design (6mm holes on 25mm centers) is ideal for accurately and quickly mounting equipment

Prior Scientific 

Targeted RNA Panels


  • Over 170 new panels for gene expression profiling now available
  • Enable researchers to select from over 20,000 human genes and lncRNA to survey expression fold changes and discover interactions between genes, cellular phenotypes, and disease processes
  • Use innovative molecular barcode technology and built-in control assays to empower researchers with true digital RNA sequencing and accurate gene expression results


Crossflow Filter Device

Sartocon® Slice 50

  • Designed for use in biotechnological applications, especially for membrane screening and small-volume process development
  • Offered as an encapsulated and ready-to-use crossflow module with a filter area of 50 cm2 and a wide variety of molecular weight cutoffs
  • Eliminates the need for a compression holder and is available in a choice of two polymers

Sartorius Stedim Biotech 

Benchtop Crossflow Filtration System


  • Designed for optimized ultra- and diafiltration applications
  • Can ideally be used in many downstream processes, such as purification of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, and recombinant proteins
  • Equipped with a low shear 4-piston membrane pump that enables highest product yields to be achieved
  • Supplied with Sartorius’ intuitive and easy-to-use DCU-4 control unit

Sartorius Stedim Biotech 

High Capacity FISH Hybridization System


  • Consists of one CytoBrite slide incubation system for performing rapid probe denaturation on batches of 12 FISH slides and one CytoBritesSlide oven for overnight hybridizations of 60 slides
  • Removable slide trays streamline slide set up and transfers between instruments
  • The combined instruments replace six older generation ThermoBrite instruments at a fraction of the bench space and cost


Small Benchtop Centrifuge


  • Features a unique 2-in-1 hybrid rotor that has interchangeable fixed-angle and swinging buckets to facilitate quick and convenient switching between applications
  • Incorporates safety and environmental sustainability features such as an emergency lid-lock release, in case of power failure, and quiet operation at less than 56 dBA
  • Designed for simple operation

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Automated Affinity Purification Solution

MSIA Streptavidin EVO Microcolumns

  • Designed to bring the novel mass spectrometric immunoassay (MSIA) affinity purification technology to Tecan’s Freedom EVO series of robotic platforms that are equipped with a 96 multichannel arm (MCA96)
  • When combined with Tecan robotic platform, columns enable fast and accurate isolation of target analytes from complex biological matrices
  • Since this technology is incorporated into a pipette tip, users can analyze sample volumes as low as 10 μL

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Supplies and Consumables

Sorbent Tube for Hazardous Air Pollutants

PAH Tube

  • Dedicated to the reliable analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in air
  • Ensure the transfer of even the heaviest PAHs from the sorbent sampling tube into the GC
  • Using the optimized sorbent tubes with Markes’ UNITY or TD-100 instruments gives negligible carryover across the board, as well as excellent reproducibility

Markes International 

4.00ml Sample Storage Tubes

  • Now include non-coded, alphanumeric and 2D data matrix coded formats
  • Offer a working volume of 2.70ml
  • Provide a solution for storing larger volumes in a wide variety of short-term and long-term sample storage applications
  • Incorporating an internal thread screw cap with silicon O-ring, these tubes provide optimal sealing, enabling high integrity storage at ultra-low temperatures


Black 96-Well Deep Well Plate

  •  Offers a working volume of 1ml per well, which in conjunction with black sealing films ensures that light sensitive assays and samples are not degraded by exposure to light
  • Features excellent heat and solvent resistant qualities
  • Using only ultra-pure grade polymer means that the black deep well plate has near zero leachates, ensuring long-term sample integrity