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Ask Linda: Automated Lab Instruments

From automated sample preparation to cloud computing, automation and robotics are changing the way labs operate

Lab Manager

Dear Linda, 

It seems like every day I read about a new automation technology being introduced into the lab. I would like to implement more automated instruments into my lab, but the initial expense is high, and I am uncertain of how this new equipment may affect my staff and our workflow. Many of my employees have been working here for a long time and have developed a comfortable routine. Do you have any advice on ensuring a smooth transition toward automation? 


Dear Betty,

From automated sample preparation to cloud computing, automation and robotics are changing the way labs operate. Implementing automated instruments and software can free up your staff for more complex and meaningful tasks, which will boost overall productivity and morale. Re-structuring your staff for other tasks will also likely help you gain a return on investment, easing the burden of initial expense when purchasing automated equipment.

But despite the speed of technological advancements, introducing new systems and processes in a laboratory can take time. Identify one or two staff members who have the skillset to educate others on the automated instruments you’ll be introducing, and your lab will be running efficiently in no time.

Good luck.


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