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March 2014 Technology News

In this month’s Tech News section, we highlight exhibitors for two tradeshows—INTERPHEX 2014, which takes place March 18-19 in New York City and the 105th Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), which will be held April 5-9, 2014, in San Diego, California. 

INTERPHEX (International Pharmaceutical Expo) showcases complete biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions to process all dosage forms for life-enhancing drugs, while the AACR meeting will highlight the latest and most exciting discoveries in every area of cancer research. Please note that the products shown here may not necessarily be at these shows, but the highlighted companies will be there to answer any questions you may have.


Compact Mass Spectrometer

expression S

  • New enhancements include polarity switching during a single analysis to ensure detection of the greatest range of compounds
  • Also includes fast mass scanning (10,000 u/s) for compatibility with UPLC, SFC and where multiple compounds need to be monitored simultaneously with SIM, as well as higher flow rates of 1-2 ml/min for simpler interfacing with standard chromatographic conditions


Hydrogen Sensor for GC System

BOOTH 1812

  • For the 7890B Gas Chromatography system
  • Helps GC users move away from costly helium carrier gas by providing the additional level of security many organizations require in order to use hydrogen
  • Self-calibrating sensor automatically executes a safe sequence for the shutdown of the GC system if even a small hydrogen leak is detected, preventing potentially hazardous situations


External Valve Oven for GC

BOOTH 1812

  • For the 7890B gas chromatograph (GC) system
  • Can be configured to support complex, multi-valve ASTM International and EN (European Standard) GC applications
  • Precisely engineered for thermal isolation from the GC oven
  • Provides a homogeneous isothermal environment for up to six positions for columns and valves
  • Vertical design orientation allows for convenient maintenance


HPLC Columns


  • Expand the existing range of analytical capabilities in separation science by providing diamond-based HPLC columns and TLC plates that allow for the exploration of novel chemistries
  • Offer expanded pH range capability (1-13), elevated temperature ranges, increased longevity and novel selectivity, without compromising efficiency

Diamond Analytics 

Handheld Raman Spectrometer


  • Brings qualities of laboratory molecular analysis to the field
  • Provides precise material identification with excellent mobility
  • Works on Android & Windows software, empowering tablets and smartphones
  • Includes built-in battery (up to 6 hours of off-line operation) and wireless data transfer
  • Acquires spectra of prohibited and hazardous materials and their compounds even through their packaging

Enhanced Spectrometry 

OEM FTIR Spectrometer

Monolith 20™

  • Provides infrared spectra with high signal to noise ratio, high baseline stability and extremely low maintenance requirements
  • Has no mechanical adjustments and uses a lateral transfer moving corner cube that is insensitive to all angular perturbations during scan
  • Achieves a signal-to-noise ratio better than 45,000, based on one minute of data acquisition


CCD Spectrometer


  • Ultra-fast back-thinned CCD Spectrometer outperforms most front-illuminated and low-cost back-illuminated CCDs, in stray light, dynamic range, and speed performance
  • New electronic shutter CCDs and electronics now available for the VS7000 and other UV-VIS-NIR mini spectrometers
  • Features a readout speed of 1 msec and e-shuttering speed of a few microseconds • Also features 2048 pixels and a sensitive area height of 1mm

HORIBA Scientific 

Portable Spectroradiometers

ILT950UV & ILT950

  • The ILT950UV provides a range of 200-450 nm while the improved version of the ILT950 features a range of 250-1050 nm
  • ILT950 now includes a machined optical bench for reduced stray light and improved thermal stability
  • Both instruments now use the new higher pixel SONY CCD array for improved performance including nearly 50% more sensitivity over the entire spectral region

International Light Technologies 

Trace Gas Analyzer

PTR-TOF 1000

  • Extremely sensitive (down to pptv-levels), this instrument is designed for super-fast air analysis, in particular for flux measurements where milliseconds count
  • Features dimensions, weight and price usually to be expected from a high-end quadrupole PTR-MS, but with all advantages of a more powerful TOF-based solution
  • Provides whole mass range in split-seconds and higher resolution for better separation and identification


Bubble Trap for Chromatography

  • Designed to be crevice-free and self-draining, efficiently removing unwanted gas or air bubbles in process fluids without providing areas where harmful bacteria could accumulate
  • Features simple, fast disassembly and reassembly and is ASME BPE compliant
  • Includes full traceability on all wetted components
  • Available in sizes ranging from four to ten inches and in custom designs

L.J. Star 

NMR Spectroscopy System

Spinsolve Carbon

  • World’s first Carbon-13 capable benchtop NMR spectroscopy system
  • Provides the power of a 1D and 2D proton-carbon NMR in a benchtop instrument that can be safely used in the laboratory
  • Offers users 1D 1H, 19F and 13C experiments that use standard 5 mm NMR tubes
  • Features low running costs as no cryogens are required and is virtually maintenance-free


Thermomechanical Analysis System

TMA 4000
BOOTH 2117, 2217

  • Measures thermal expansion in electronic materials and other products
  • Can detect potentially harmful materials to ensure all electronic products are safe
  • Specifically designed for the accurate measurement of the coefficient of thermal expansion to ensure optimal manufacturing processes and to avoid unnecessary expenses as a result of wasted material


X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers


  • Offer excellent sensitivity, resolution, and throughput for an array of applications, from general screening analysis to advanced materials research
  • Incorporate a new high-performance semiconductor detector that offers a high fluorescent X-ray count per unit time
  • Detector enables precise, high-resolution analysis while increasing throughput by as much as a factor of 10 compared to the company’s industry-leading predecessor unit


Headspace Samplers

HS-20 Series

  • Provides a reliable and robust headspace solution for any application analyzing volatile components in a difficult matrix
  • Consists of two models: a Loop model and a Trap model
  • Gives users excellent repeatability through precise control of gas flow rates, and a mechanism that allows a sample vial to enter the oven from the bottom


Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectrometer

Delta Ray
BOOTH 1107 (at AACR)

  • Measures thermal expansion in electronic materials and other products
  • Can detect potentially harmful materials to ensure all electronic products are safe
  • Specifically designed for the accurate measurement of the coefficient of thermal expansion to ensure optimal manufacturing processes and to avoid unnecessary expenses as a result of wasted material

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

GC System Options

TRACE 1300 Series
BOOTH 1107 (at AACR)

  • Now includes Instant Connect Helium Saver module, designed to reduce helium consumption an average of 80 percent
  • High-capacity TRACE 1310 auxiliary oven, with multi-valve, multi-column capacity enables use of up to four conventional detectors simultaneously
  • Dedicated Instant Connect flame photometric detector for traces of sulfur, phosphorous or tin-containing species
  • Instant Connect gas sampling valve module

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

High-Temp Gel Permeation Chromatography Columns

TSKgel® HT and HT2

  • Accompanied by the new EcoSEC® High Temperature GPC System for polymer analysis up to 220°C
  • Recommended for the analysis of organic-soluble polymers and are packed with spherical particles composed of polystyrene cross-linked with divinylbenzene
  • TSKgel HT columns are for high temperature applications up to 140°C, while the TSKgel HT2 columns are used in ultra-high temperature applications up to 220°C

Tosoh Bioscience 

SEC-MALS Detector for UHPLC


  • Can be coupled to any UHPLC system in order to determine absolute molecular weights and sizes of polymers, peptides, and proteins or other biopolymers directly, without resorting to column calibration or reference standards
  • Connects to the Optilab® UT-rEX™, the first refractive index detector for UHPLC
  • Can accurately analyze the molar mass and size of UHPLC peaks without loss of resolution


Product Spotlight

Super Sensitivity from Nano- to Micro-Scale

New UPLC System aims to simplify difficult work in the biotechnology field

Those working with LC-MS now have an industry-first tool to help them achieve greater sensitivity and separations efficiency. Waters recently launched the first nano- to microscale UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC®) system rated for 15,000 psi operation at January’s WCBP 2014 Symposium.

The ACQUITY UPLC® M-Class System is suited for a broad range of applications including proteomics, metabolic profiling, metabolite identification and pharmacokinetic studies.

“When scientists doing proteomics or investigating new biopharmaceuticals talk to us about the work they do, they often speak of protein coverage or being able to quantify and identify incredibly small amounts of key molecules usually in the presence of much higher amounts of other molecules. This is difficult work without the appropriate tools. With the ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System, they will have the capability to peer into the unseen and achieve their research goals,” said Art Caputo, president of the Waters division. “As an LC inlet to mass spectrometers, the ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System empowers more scientists to reliably employ microscale chromatography in order to solve their most complex analytical challenges.”

In addition, the system’s new 5k psi-capable ACQUITY UPLC M-Class Columns use the potential of sub-2-μm particle technology to yield faster separations, greater peak capacities and increased levels of sensitivity. Waters is also launching five new chromatographic columns with internal diameters ranging from 75 μm to 1.0 mm.

The system’s design will help minimize dispersive and adsorptive losses during a chromatographic separation, among a number of other benefits. It is expected to begin shipping in the current fiscal quarter.

For more information, visit 

Basic Lab

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump

BOOTH 1812

  • Features a hermetic, isolated design
  • Provides rapid pump-down with a 60 Hz pumping speed of 15.4 cubic meters per hour
  • Quiet and vibration-free, and its single-sided scroll design makes it highly cost-effective, requiring only simple annual maintenance
  • Gives users clean, dry vacuum pumping, suitable for all non-corrosive, non-hazardous academic, research, analytical instrumentation and industrial applications


ASTM Class 6 Weight Sets


  • Let users perform daily quality control checks on balances and scales and calibrate them before operation
  • Feature 12 stainless steel weights and tweezers for proper handling
  • Available in nine calibration variations including 50g x 10mg, 500g x 1g, 2000g x 1g, and several other sizes in between
  • Made from stainless steel, are lead-free and clean

Alliance Scale 

High Capacity Cartridge System


  • Offers a user-friendly alternative to carbon and DI exchange tanks without sacrificing capacity
  • Boasts a composite tank with easy access openings for quick change filter access reducing onsite service time
  • Provides an alternative to 4.5” housings, ½ cu-ft. tanks or stainless housings
  • A variety of prefilter, carbon and media configurations is available for all filtration needs

Aries FilterWorks 

Cooled Scientific Cameras

VS Range

  • Now features upgrade in performance and enhanced lens compatibility
  • Aimed at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of integrated imaging systems as well as low light microscopy users
  • Image digitization speed for all members of the VS range has been increased by a factor of 3
  • Now uses C-Mount thread as the standard lens interface

Artemis CCD 

Heating Block


  • Now includes a version designed to allow scientists to perform safe, productive heating and stirring experiments with pear shaped flasks commonly used with rotary evaporators
  • Allows chemists to eliminate the need for sample transfers between reaction flask and an evaporator (pear-shaped) flask, allowing the same flask to be used for both synthesis and evaporation


10ml Bottletop Burette

BRAND® Titrette®
BOOTH 2234

  • New size provides excellent performance, meeting the tolerance limits for 10mL Class A glass burettes per ASTM and DIN EN ISO 285
  • Includes all the safety and convenience features of the 25mL and 50mL members of the Titrette family, such as a low profile design, adjustable titrating tube, recirculation valve for priming, and total disassembly for easy cleaning and servicing

BrandTech Scientific 

Peristaltic Dispensing Pump

  • Features a Masterflex® L/S® Easy-Load® II Pump Head and a touchscreen
  • Dispenses via the user’s choice of program, including constant flow rate, stepped flow, ramped flow, and pulsed flow
  • Allows users to pump by volume or time, with a flow range of 0.001 to 1500 mL/min with Masterflex L/S pump tubing


Infra-Red Vortex Mixer

Velp ZX4

  • Includes an infrared touch sensor, continuous operating mode, and adjustable stirring speeds up to 3000 rpm
  • Features soft start, controlled ramping and an infra-red system that detects the presence of a tube and automatically starts vibrating without pressure helping to alleviate repetitive stress on the user
  • Suits a variety of applications from gentle mixing to vigorous vortexing

Cole Parmer 

Glass Refractive Standards Set

  • Used to calibrate instruments that are designed to measure the refractive index of microscopic fragments of glass and glass-like materials
  • Consists of both calibrated glass samples and immersion liquids calibrated for refractive index versus temperature
  • Glass materials consist of optical glass in sizes suitable for crushing and use with rIQ™ and other automated glass refractive index measurement systems


Bleach Towelettes and Disinfecting Spray

Hype-Wipe® and Bleach-Rite®

  • Ready-to-use, EPA registered hospital-grade disinfectant contain a 1:10 dilution of bleach and are stabilized for an extended shelf life
  • Both the wipe and spray products are approved for a one-minute kill time against Influenza A H1N1 (swine flu)
  • Also approved to kill other organisms, including C. Difficile Spores, acinetobacter baumannii, E-coli ESBL, Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae (CRKP), and much more

Current Technologies 

Automated Pipetting Systems

epMotion 5075
BOOTH 3738

  • Provide a precise, accurate alternative to time-consuming manual pipetting and liquid handling tasks
  • Give users accelerated operational speed, new software & hardware features and an increased number of worktable positions
  • Employ both Eppendorf’s established epBlue™ software and a new software assistant concept
  • New features also provide excellent decontamination and sample safety


Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression Systems

  • Protect laboratory fume hoods, chemical storage cabinets and other elevated fire risk enclosed spaces
  • Activate automatically in the event of a fire
  • Designed to detect and suppress a fire inside the fume hood or cabinet, right where it starts
  • Compatible with fire-suppressing dry chemicals, foams, CO2 and clean agents, ensuring the best agent is available for any particular application


Powder Rheometer


  • Suits many industrial sectors, from pharmaceuticals to bulk powders
  • Delivers data that support process and product understanding and the optimization of powder processes
  • Particularly suited to applications where traditional powder testing techniques have limitations
  • Measures a range of bulk, shear and dynamic powder properties under conditions that reflect a diverse range of process environments

Freeman Technology 

Centrifugal Evaporator


  • Provides optimized sample preparation capabilities for scientists working in the drug discovery environment
  • Corrosive vapors such as trifluoroacetic acid may be removed by the standard system and an inert purge option allows high safety evaporation of flammable solvents
  • Can also be used to achieve high speed lyophilization of HPLC fractions and solvents used for reformatting samples


Enclosures for Lab Automation and Robotics


  • Designed to isolate liquid handling workstations, HPLC equipment, sample weighing, high throughput screening, powders handling and other lab automated processes by providing exhaust air systems or HEPA filtered clean workstations
  • Built to protect personnel from hazardous fumes, and processes from lab contamination
  • Engineered and built to exact customer size and design requirements


Floor Mounted (Walk-In) Fume Hoods


  • This series of hoods has been expanded to include wide selection of models that feature greater interior working dimensions
  • Standard models range from 6 feet to 24 feet wide, 4 feet to 8 feet deep, and 7 feet to 16 feet high
  • Easily accommodate tall apparatus / distillation processes, roll-in reactors, or long integrated instrumentation systems


Pipette Automation Device

BOOTH 2327

  • In combination with a VIAFLO II electronic handheld pipette, enables the pipette’s protocols to be performed automatically
  • Reduces the need for traditional handheld pipetting to a minimum, relieving lab personnel from activities that may cause repetitive stress injuries
  • Ensures tip immersion depth and pipetting angle are always the same, resulting in increased reproducibility and thus better results


Multichannel Electronic Pipette

BOOTH 2327 

  • Lightweight design and operation comfort enables users to improve efficiency in their working environment
  • Integral color screen together with the easy-to-navigate touch wheel user interface promote ease of set up and operation
  • Offer a choice of up to 10 predefined pipetting modes (including repeat dispense, serial dilute and manual pipette) enabling users to quickly perform typical pipetting operations


Semi-micro Balance

Intell-Lab™ LF

  • Features “crossover” door systems to allow you to open the right side door by using the left hand slide, or vice-versa, and split and nested doors that don’t protrude outside the balance housing
  • True auto-calibration will automatically calibrate even when users are away
  • Includes Easy RES™ which allows users to change from three response times to suit their application

Intelligent Weighing 

Laboratory Bench Scale

Miras® 2

  • Capable of weighing to laboratory accuracy with 15,000 and even 30,000 divisions
  • Designed to provide superior accuracy and performance for today’s contemporary laboratories and industrial settings
  • Fitted with RS232 output as standard
  • Includes a parts counting program, portability with six “D” Cell operation, check- weighing program, Net/Gross display, filters and kg/lb display

Intelligent Weighing 

Scanning Electron Microscope


  • Fingertip control allows the user to enlarge, rotate, and navigate high resolution images on screen
  • Features smart analytical port geometry that is ideal for multiple configurations and simultaneous analysis
  • Designed for a multitude of sample types and has a wide range of accelerating voltages from 300v-30kV, a vacuum pressure range of 10-650 Pa, and magnification range of 5-300,000X


AFM System

NanoWizard ULTRA Speed

  • Delivers fast-scanning and super-resolution on an inverted microscope
  • Enables the tracking of changes in samples in real time whether the sample be imaged in air or liquid
  • Scanning at speeds of greater than 100Hz line rate with excellent, true atomic resolution in closed-loop mode is enabled by the enhanced low noise of scanner, position sensor and detection system

JPK Instruments 

Product Spotlight

The X Factor

New microscopy solution aims to revolutionize imaging in labs worldwide
BOOTH 2426

Researchers requiring heavy-duty nanoscale imaging have a new weapon. Introduced at the 2013 Microscopy and Microanalysis conference in Indianapolis, ZEISS’s Xradia 810 Ultra system is now available to order. This X-ray microscopy (XRM) solution increases throughput for three-dimensional imaging at the nanoscale by up to 10 times and uses a number of technical innovations to achieve better contrast, and in turn faster acquisition.

The new instrument operates at 5.4 keV, a lower X-ray energy that delivers better contrast and image quality for many materials.

“Contrast improves significantly as these lower-energy X-rays are absorbed more strongly, enabling high-quality tomographies to be completed at vastly reduced imaging times,” stated the company in a recent news release. The company designed the Xradia around that new source energy, using specialized optics to extend the capabilities of the Xradia Ultra family.

With nanoscale X-ray imaging speed an order of magnitude faster, both industry and science can see a number of benefits such as quicker measurements in oil and gas feasibility studies, and better contrast.

The system’s higher absorption contrast at 5.4 keV in addition to Zernike phase contrast also makes high-resolution X-ray imaging viable for a variety of low Z and bio materials such as polymers and tissue samples.

“With the study of medium and low Z materials a major focus throughout the research world, Xradia 810 Ultra makes it more cost-effective and efficient to image a variety of polymers, oxides, composites, some fuel cells, and other materials of interest,” says Dr. Kevin Fahey, Chief Materials Scientist at Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy.

For more information, please visit

Fine Dosing/Metering Pump


  • Delivers 0.03 – 999 ml dosing volumes, and a flow rate ranging from 0.03 – 20 ml/min
  • Adaptable to fluid characteristics, making it ideal for a variety of liquid applications
  • Splashproof IP65-rated housing protects the pump from water and dust intrusion, contributing to its excellent long-term stability and consistent reliability
  • Following calibration, repeatability is +/- 1 percent (full range)

KNF Neuberger 

Fiber-optical Switches

FiberSwitch® eol and mol series

  • For high-performance applications from the VIS to the IR
  • Fiber core diameters start at 3μm (eol-VIS) and go up to 800μm multi-mode (mol-series)
  • Feature switching times starting from 2ms and the FiberSwitch series life time spans more than 100 Mio cycles
  • Boasts low electrical power consumption of less than 0,45W

LEONI Fiber Optics 

Moisture Analyzers


  • Feature USB, Ethernet and WLAN connectivity for easy data transfer, and now can send measurement reports in A4 or letter format direct to a networked page printer
  • Built-in instrument tests are easy to perform and ensure accurate results
  • Five-click guided procedure allows users to qualify the performance of all the instruments together thanks to the certified reference substance SmartCal™


Heating and Chilling System

Full Range

  • Integrates a circulating water temperature control system with a portable chiller to provide heating and chilling from a single, compact self-supporting unit
  • Features a temperature range of -20°F to 300°F (-29°C to 149°C)
  • Systems are available in air or water-cooled condensing, up to 96 kW of heating, pumping capacities up to 120 GPM, and up to 40 ton chilling capacities


Digital Wireless Platform for Lab Apps

Moticam X

  • MoticamX camera series frees the viewer from traditional wired connections
  • Using standard “free” downloadable viewers to any Android or iOS platform, real-time images can be shared from any microscope simultaneously for educational to consultative dialogues to up to 6 viewers—more if a MoticHub is set up
  • Moticam can be connected to any microscope


Thermoelectric Temperature Controller


  • Features an internal power supply, full H bridge and is capable of load currents up to 4A in H bridge mode
  • Can control resistive heaters or thermoelectric modules with load currents up to 5A utilizing the unidirectional output and internal supply
  • Can be programmed with a P via the RS232 com port, which has 1500VAC isolation

Oven Industries 

Embedded Temperature Controller


  • Features a RS232 port
  • Bi-directional controller is designed for independent thermoelectric modules or in conjunction with auxiliary or supplemental resistive heaters
  • Used for both cooling and heating of many different applications
  • “H” bridge configuration of the solid state MOSFET output devices allows for the bi-directional flow of current through the thermoelectric modules

Oven Industries 

Handheld Temperature Measurement System


  • Suited to measurement in high temperature RF environments or EMI applications in labs and field service
  • Gives users the freedom to move around critical sensing points with the system’s 24 hour battery life in continuous use
  • Features a wide temperature range 0 to +450°C, high accuracy of +/- 0.05°C,(probe dependent) and resolution of +/- 0.01°C

Photon Control 


  • New to the US market
  • Specifically designed and built for lab applications (pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, laboratory, microbiology)
  • Provide good performance, durability and reliability
  • Range includes vertical and horizontal autoclaves from 8 to 150 liters


Benchtop Supercritical Fluid Extractor


  • Redesigned restrictor valve with integrated micrometer allows for very precise flow control
  • Removable oven lid and large side panel allow the user easy access to the high pressure vessel
  • An indicator light on the SFT-10 pump module alerts the user to proper operation of the Peltier pre-cooler, ensuring CO2 is maintained in the liquid state

Supercritical Fluid Technologies 

UV Viewing Systems

CC-80 and CC-81

  • Provide excellent fluorescence analysis of research findings
  • Suited for use in chromatography, electrophoresis, genetic research, photoresist coating inspection, forensic science and much more
  • Researchers can custom design their own fluorescence analysis systems by choosing from a wide range of Spectroline UV lamps that are available in 254, 312 and 365 nm wavelengths


Image Analysis System


  • Suited to scientists needing a cost-efficient system for quickly and easily imaging a range of gel or blot types
  • Features a new generation, high resolution, high quantum efficiency and low noise CCD camera with 4 megapixel imaging capabilities inside a light tight darkroom
  • Can accurately visualize and separate faint and bright bands on one gel or blot with ease


High-Temperature Cold/Hot Plates

  • TECA introduces high temperature versions of several cold/hot plate models
  • A cascade system can boast a range of -50C to +150C (Model AHP-1200C31) while single stage systems AHP- 1200CPV and AHP-301CPV can reach -15C to +120C
  • Also include features such as integral temperature controller, data logging software, internal-to-external temperature switching and RS-232 communications


Digital Heaters


  • Users can now select two, three and four-block models for high throughput applications, as well as a twin control unit for more complex experiments
  • Offers updated electronics, a brighter, larger LED display, and an innovative count-down timer function with audible alarm, ensuring timely and precise heating of test-tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, cuvettes, microliter plates and more


Raman Imaging Microscope

BOOTH 1107 (at AACR)

  • New Thermo Scientific OMNICxi image-centric software provides visually driven data acquisition and intuitive sample targeting and parameter optimization
  • Automated alignment and calibration saves time and frustration
  • Near-instant visual chemical profiling requires no spectroscopic expertise to interpret
  • Provides the ability to analyze large samples quickly

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Pulsed Discharge Detector


  • Uses about one fifth (20%) the amount of helium as the VICI?Valco D-3 and D-4 versions, giving up only a bit of sensitivity and dynamic range in return
  • Approximately one half the size of the D-4, but has nearly the same sensitivity—about 100 ppb for fixed gases
  • Suited to portable applications, and more


Ultra High Speed Cameras

Phantom v2010

  • Almost 40 percent faster than the Phantom v1610, with the ability to capture more than 22,000 frames-per-second (fps) at full resolution
  • Features high definition and widescreen 1280 x 800 CMOS sensors
  • Offers high speeds and larger 28-micron pixels that allow for superior sensitivity when shooting in low light, which is often a problem with high-speed imaging

Vision Research 

Cell Culture

Cell Culture Plates

BOOTH 1544

  • Now available in a 384-well version
  • Provide biopharmaceutical companies with a new tool to improve the predictive accuracy, productivity and biological relevance of their cell-based high throughput testing
  • Give users simple workflow and ease of analysis
  • Also available in a 12-well culture plate, 24-well culture plate, 96-well plate, 6-well and 12-well inserts


Aptamer Kits for Cell Isolation & Flow Cytometry

BOOTH 1544

  • Combine the advantage of the specificity of aptamer to target cell with the convenience of isolation/elution of a particular cell from complex cell samples
  • Deliver positive isolation in as little as 30 min
  • Mild and unique cell releasing technology allows users to isolate bead- and aptamer-free cells in as little as 1 hour


Stable Cell Lines

BOOTH 1544

  • New cell lines express endogenous or recombinant proteins and are available in a ready-to-use format to facilitate users’ research efforts
  • Provides an optimized solution for manufacture of therapeutic and diagnostic protein, but also for applications in drug screening, pharmacological research and toxicological studies
  • Extensive portfolio available


Single-use, Rocking Bioreactor System

ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25
BOOTH 927 (at AACR)

  • Designed to meet the evolving needs of bioprocessing
  • Allows precise, automated, and intelligent control of numerous process parameters through a user-friendly graphical operator interface, which provides real-time control and many data analysis and reporting options
  • Comprises a rocker, gas mixer, and pump, all operated by UNICORN™ control software
  • Features quick set-up  

GE Healthcare 

Platform for Passaging Stem Cells


  • Novel platform for passaging stem cells in 3D using Reinnervate’s new Alvetex®Strata technology
  • Allows pluripotent stem cells to retain their natural 3D structure during passaging, which offers an advance over traditional 2D culture methods
  • Provides improved expression of markers of pluripotency and enhanced cellular differentiation
  • Alvetex®Strata products are currently available in a 6-well hanging insert format



Antifungal Certified Spiking Solutions®

  • Include fluconazole, itraconazole, voriconazole, posaconazole, 5-fluorocytosine and ketoconazole at a 2.0 mg/mL concentration
  • Suitable as Snap-N-Spike® starting materials in preparation of calibrators, controls, or linearity standards for LC-MS/MS testing of antifungals in therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) or other critical clinical and diagnostic testing applications
  • Prepared and certified to the highest industry standards


Internal Standards of Nicotine Metabolites


  • Now include two new solutions of nicotine metabolites anabasine-D4 HCl and trans-3’- Hydroxycotinine-D3 at concentrations of 100 μg/mL in methanol
  • Can be used as internal standards spiked into patient samples or in isotope dilution methods for quantification of anabasine and 3-hydroxycotinine levels in nicotine screening and other clinical or diagnostic testing applications by GC/MS, LC/MS, or LC-MS/MS


Rare Cell Enrichment (Streptavidin) Kit


  • Designed to provide more options for circulating tumor cell (CTC) and other rare cell capture from biological samples
  • Incorporates streptavidin-coated magnetic beads that can bind with one or more biotinylated antibodies targeted towards cell-surface markers on the cells of interest
  • Facilitates capture of targeted rare cell populations that can include CTC and a variety of other cells

Fluxion Biosciences 

Protein Purification System

ÄKTA™ start
BOOTH 927 (at AACR)

  • Ready-to-go straight from the box
  • Compact, affordable system represents a quick and reliable solution that removes the hassles of manual approaches and provides automated control of the purification procedure
  • Controlled via a touchscreen, which displays the UV curve and other run data in real-time
  • Allows the implementation of all common purification techniques

GE Healthcare 

Transfection Reagent

Lipofectamine® 3000
BOOTH 1415

  • For nucleic acid delivery in a broad spectrum of cell lines
  • Increases efficiency up to 10-fold in difficult-to-transfect cells
  • Reduces cytotoxicity-associated cell alteration • Provides consistent results and more significant experiments
  • Designed to optimize every step in the transfection process and deliver superior performance and improved cell viability in hard-to-transfect cells

Life Technologies 

Enzymatic Shearing Kit


  • Contains all the necessary reagents and buffers for up to 10 chromatin preparations
  • Allows users to determine optimal shearing conditions for their chromatin preparations and can supply them with enough chromatin to perform up to 24 ChIPs if using standard Chromatrap® ChIP spin column kit or up to 96 IP’s if using Chromatrap® ChIP 96 high throughput microplate

Porvair Sciences 

qPCR Master Mix


  • Environmentally-safe, ready to use hot-start qPCR mixture offers superior safety, speed, and signaling capabilities
  • Uses EvaGreen® dye, which is safe for aquatic life, safe for handling, can be directly disposed of down the drain, and produces stronger signals than SYBR® green dyes
  • Requires less mixture for greater yield and has fewer contamination issues

Empirical Bioscience  (formerly Syzygy Biotech) 

Lab Automation

Compact Pipetting Workstation

BOOTH 3465 (Hamilton Company) 

  • Quickly handles most applications and accommodates multiple pipetting plate formats
  • Unique 384 50 μL, air-displacement, multi-probe heads add even more flexibility by allowing users to pipette in 384, 96, quadrant, column, row and single-tip formats
  • Features an ultra-flat deck with 11- and 12- positions, which allows for tip stacking and 1,536 pipetting automation

Hamilton Robotics 

PCR Workstation

BOOTH 3465 (Hamilton Company) 

  • Enables fast and flexible assay setup for endpoint, real-time, qPCR or multiplex PCR
  • Is PCR-kit-neutral, has an easy-to-use software wizard and suits a wide range of applications such as gene expression, genotyping, sequencing and pathogen detection
  • Offers a variety of tip and labware types and can accommodate six master mixes and 192 PCRs

Hamilton Robotics 



  • This automated sample changer is designed for titrators, density meters and refractometers
  • Offers excellent productivity in minimal space with flexible solutions for analyses
  • Only 42 centimeters wide, the Flex and Pro series offer professional automation in minimal bench space
  • The Max series can handle more than 300 samples on one 57 centimeters wide sample rack


Air Displacement Pipettor Module


  • Designed for Tecan’s Cavro Omni Robot
  • Integrated and optimized for use with the Cavro Omni Robot’s Universal Z arm
  • Gives users an alternative to the existing liquid displacement pipetting for any application using the Cavro Omni Robot
  • Validated, maintenance-free design simplifies system integration, with onboard pressure-based liquid level detection (pLLD) and diagnostics to monitor correct operation


Online Automation System Configuration Tool

BOOTH 1107 (at AACR)

  • Self-serve, free-to-use tool
  • Allows users to quickly and easily build their own system to meet application or process requirements, or modify an existing system around the Orbitor or Orbitor BenchTrak plate movers, a fully customizable plate mover
  • Enables lab- or office-based access for automation optimization and efficient online estimating

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Automation Scheduling Software

Momentum™ 3.3
BOOTH 1107 (at AACR)

  • Offers new features to facilitate set-up and streamline workflows
  • Incorporates graphical system layout and an instrument integration suite within the runtime environment
  • Users can accommodate quick system and instrument changes by configuring their system directly in Momentum 3.3
  • Communication settings for all instruments on the system can be tested at the click of a button for rapid integration

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Life Science

Lentivirus for miRNA Expression and Inhibition

BOOTH 1544

  • New range includes ready-to-use human and mouse lentivirus products for miRNA and anti-miRNA expression (miRNA inhibition)
  • Lentiviral expression vectors are the most effective vehicles for delivering genetic material to almost any mammalian cell—including non-dividing cells and whole model organisms
  • Produced from the optimally designed anti miRNA lentivectors


Disease Panels for Real-Time PCR

BOOTH 1118 

  • Now include 700 new PrimePCR human and mouse disease panels and 71 new pathway panels for real-time PCR (qPCR)
  • Allow researchers to thoroughly and efficiently investigate genes known to be differentially expressed in a specified pathology or biological pathway
  • More than 1,100 panels with nearly 6,700 predesigned plate configurations are now offered


Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader

Cytation™ 3

  • Now offers more new features to drive workflow efficiencies and data collection
  • 40x and 60x objectives are now available options for any Cytation 3 application requiring increased magnification
  • Higher magnifications allow easy imaging of bacteria, yeast, and sub-cellular structures such as mitochondria
  • 35 mm, 60 mm and 100 mm Petri dishes are now compatible, for expanded sample vessel convenience


Pressure Monitor & Limiter

  • Designed for any small animal volume controlled ventilator
  • Protects rodent lungs, including mice, from typical barotrauma caused by mechanical ventilation
  • Pressure monitoring features an analog output of the ventilation pressure signal allowing researchers to collect system pressure and make corrections to optimize the ventilation of their animals
  • Features a peak inspiratory pressure range of 10-50cmH2O

Harvard Apparatus-Hugo Sachs Electronik 

Universal Blocking Oligos

BOOTH 2514 

  • By incorporating these oligos into target capture experiments, users can decrease the complexity and increase throughput of their target capture experiment without degradation of performance
  • Able to bind to all indexed adapters using a single oligonucleotide sequence, removing the need for multiple oligos
  • Allow users to more readily multiplex their experiments for costeffective enrichment of thousands of samples

Integrated DNA Technologies 

Code Reader for Frozen Samples

Tracxer RD235 CRYO

  • Offers a high-end solution for scanning whole racks with 2D Data-Matrix or TraXis coded tubes
  • Provides high resolution image quality, ensuring high-accuracy 2D code reading
  • Features an anti-frost system which minimizes condensation on the scanner plate
  • Allows users to easily scan a complete rack of 2D coded tubes in 7 seconds and a single tube in less than 2 seconds


Protein Precipitation Sample Preparation Kit


  • Includes five color-coded Porvair P3 protein precipitation plates and five 1ml deep well collection plates
  • Contains all the elements required to accelerate the traditionally troublesome procedure at a budget price
  • P3 plate uses the CRASH method, in which the protein is denatured with acetronitrile and the flocculant filtered out, allowing 96 samples to be handled at one time

Porvair Sciences 

LIMS & Software

Software for Chemometric Profiling Workflows

MassHunter Profinder
BOOTH 1812 

  • Designed for batch processing of complex mass spectrometric data
  • Transforms chemometric peak-finding workflows with enhanced batch processing, robust re-mining and alignment capabilities
  • Provides researchers with a tool for simultaneously processing multiple, large-volume data sets with minimal intervention, maximum flexibility, and excellent results
  • Reduces the noise associated with data profiling


FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Software


  • For the Analytik Jena SPECORD® PLUS series
  • Offers an excellent tool needed for efficient analysis in all fields, from R&D to production, from quality control to lab routine
  • Provides a comprehensive user management to comply with all requirements of FDA conforming analysis, e.g. individual access rights for different users, electronic signatures, etc.

Analytik Jena 

Software for Real-Time PCR

CFX Manager™ Version 3.1
BOOTH 1118

  • Allows users to quickly and easily set up a real-time PCR experiment, assess data quality, and interpret results
  • Includes new features for allelic discrimination, including automatic genotype call assignments based on a proprietary clustering algorithm, the option to change calls directly in the allelic discrimination chart, and a feature that allows users to view a map of the calls directly on the plate view


Algorithm for Bioinformatics Suite


  • Facilitates the assembly of genomes sequenced with Pacific Biosciences® long-read technology
  • Optimized to take advantage of the highly parallel processing architecture of the Convey hybrid-core (HC) server
  • Delivers six to 15 times acceleration
  • Allows researchers to test more parameters
  • Enables users to achieve results in a matter of days instead of weeks

Convey Computer 

Kinetic Spectroscopy Software


  • Designed to be used with CRAIC Technology’s microspectrophotometers and their controlling Lambdafire™ software
  • Allows the user to monitor changes in the spectra over time
  • Also allows users to measure the time dependent changes in full UV-visible-NIR range reflectance, absorbance and even emission spectra of microscopic samples
  • Is a plug-in module for CRAIC Technologies Lambdafire™ software


Management Software for Academic Researchers


  • Provides a simple, structured and safe way for scientific researchers to organize their research outputs
  • Helps researchers to keep track of experiments, save time and get ahead with research
  • Lets users view a unique chronological visual timeline of their research activity and more easily find important files, and much more

Digital Science 

Thermal Research Analysis Software


  • Aimed at R&D and Science users of thermal imaging cameras with a cooled or uncooled detector
  • Available in 20 languages
  • Provides a comprehensive set of acquisition, diagnostic and data sharing tools, and features customizable, savable workspaces that allow users to arrange how images, data, charts and plots are displayed
  • Features zoom and pan capabilities and much more

FLIR Systems 

Data Management Software

ActivityBase XE 7.7

  • Now includes enhanced screening and analysis functionality
  • Addresses growing assay volumes for high content and multiparametric datasets by processing information up to 50 times faster than the previous version
  • New visualizations and third-party integrations support image-based screening capabilities and faster analysis to support decision-making
  • A 64-bit version for data volume scale-up is also offered


Chemistry Functionality for ELN

E-WorkBook 9.4

  • New chemical drawing features enable users to capture a wider variety of molecular types and streamlines chemistry data input
  • Users can also now define organometallic structures with simplicity and efficiency
  • A customizable chemical data lookup functionality speeds collaboration and data retrieval from external repositories
  • Supports direct addition of data to experiments at point-of-use


Chemometric Interpretation Software


  • Can help the users achieve excellent chromatograph based control when integrated along with alignment technology, like InfoMetrix LineUp™, in the software bundle
  • With LineUp alignment technology bundled into the method, GCs will generate very consistent results with retention time shifts automatically corrected, as long as mechanical problems, severe column degradation or a process upset don’t intervene


Web-based Proteomics Software

BOOTH 1107 (at AACR)

  • Now available as cloud-based version and can be accessed by multiple workstations in a laboratory
  • Regularly updated from all major protein databases
  • Contains a consolidated, biologically annotated, protein sequence database that enables filtering, clustering and statistical bioinformatic analysis from single, combined or comparison data sets
  • Enables scientists to compare and interpret proteomics data sets in minutes instead of months

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Mobile Apps

App for Monitoring of PCR Instrument Data

PCR Essentials

  • Enables researchers and technicians equipped with iOS and Android-based mobile devices to obtain real-time performance data from Life Technologies’ ProFlex™ PCR System
  • Frees scientists and technicians to remotely monitor, review data and perform other tasks without being captive to the immediate vicinity of the instrument
  • Available for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play

Grand Interactive 

Supplies and Consumables

Silicone Tubing for Peristaltic Pumps

BOOTH 3055 

  • Specially formulated to withstand the repeated compression and release actions of peristaltic pumps
  • Offers consistent, dependable performance beyond that of standard silicone tubing
  • 313” I.D. x .500” O.D. size tubing now available
  • Carries USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) Class VI endorsement, which applies to the finished tubing and not to its ingredients only


1536-Well Storage Plate

  • Made of transparent cycloolefin
  • Particularly suitable for storing active ingredients
  • Features a low water vapor permeability and resistance to polar solvents such as dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO)
  • Glass-like optical properties and a high level of transparency also enable use of the microplates for biochemical testing
  • Design permits even the smallest residues of sample material to be transferred

Greiner Bio-One 

Membrane Options for Syringe Filters

BOOTH 1107 (at AACR)

  • New membrane options include 0.22μm and 0.45μm hydrophilic PTFE membranes in 17mm and 30mm syringe filter formats
  • Allow use of both organic and aqueous solvents without pre-wetting the membrane
  • Removes the need for multiple membranes and can reduce processing steps, helping users to simplify workflows
  • Accommodate a wider range of application requirements

Thermo Fisher Scientific