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May 2016 Technology News

The latest equipment, instruments, and system introductions to the laboratory market.

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This month, we highlight companies exhibiting at the American Society for Mass Spectrometery’s 64th Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics (ASMS 2016) and the American Society for Microbiology’s new ASM Microbe 2016 event, which combines their general meeting and ICAAC. ASMS 2016 takes place from June 5-9 in San Antonio, Texas, while ASM Microbe 2016, which showcases the best microbial sciences in the world, runs June 16-20 in Boston, Massachusetts. Please note that the specific products featured here may not be at the show, but their exhibitors will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


3D-Printed Catalytic Microreactor

Polyarc™ reactor

  • Is a universal carbon detector technology for gas chromatography
  • Enhances existing GC/FIDs by converting all organic compounds to methane molecules prior to their detection by the FID, resulting in a universal FID response
  • Improves GC/FID performance, reduces operating costs, enables quantification without calibration standards, improves accuracy, and detects compounds with little or no previous FID sensitivity

Activated Research Company 

Micro-XRF Spectrometer

Booth 329 (ASMS 2016)
Booth 1813 (ASM Microbe 2016)

  • Offers new key capabilities for the analysis of multilayer materials as well as for the quantification at uneven surfaces, e.g. in powder samples
  • New XMethod software 1.3 manages calibrations and standards and enables the optimization of complex methods
  • Includes new FlexiSpot feature that allows spot sizes of up to 200 μm for reproducible quantification of irregularly shaped samples


High-Resolution Mass Spectrometer

Infi TOF
Booth 229

  • Designed for real-time gas analysis
  • Multi-turn ion optics provide high-resolution mass spectra in a system that is the size of a personal computer tower
  • Features a mass resolving power of up to 30,000
  • Can easily separate isobaric species without chromatography
  • Ions can be detected over the mass range from m/z 1 (H+) to m/z 1000


Benchtop NMR Spectrometers

Spinsolve 60

  • Provide a solution for those customers and applications that need 60MHz capability
  • Use patented Halbach magnet technology
  • Initially available for the nucleicombinations proton/fluorine or proton/fluorine/carbon with phosphorus and other nuclei soon to be added
  • Does not need to spin the sample to get good results, therefore compressed gas and a complicated and fragile sample spinner are not required



Spectroquant® Prove
Booth 721

  • Designed for simplified, durable, and secure analysis of waste water, drinking water, beverages, and process water
  • Preprogrammed for a broad range of test kits
  • Comes in three different models: the Spectroquant® Prove 100 VIS spectrophotometer for routine applications, the Spectroquant® Prove 300 UV/ Vis spectrophotometer for sensitive measurements, and the Spectroquant® Prove 600 UV/Vis for complex analyses


Capillary GC Columns

Booth 721

  • Contain innovative stationary phases that produce a sharp peak shape for water, allowing convenient measurement of water by GC
  • Features sensitivity of 100 ppm using TCD and it is anticipated that much better sensitivity can be achieved with other modes of detection
  • Suitable for applications where water is either an analyte or the injection solvent
  • Three chemistries are available, each with a different selectivity


Pulsed Flame Detector

OI 5383

  • When mounted in a GC or GC/MS, the 5383 gives chemists the ability to specifically determine and selectively analyze low levels of sulfur, phosphorous, and 26 other analytes of interest
  • Features improvements in electronics and signal processing, delivering higher selectivity and higher sensitivity
  • New, intuitive, easy-to-use software provides a powerful tool for configuration, optimization, and analysis

OI Analytical 

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer

Booth 210

  • Includes assistant functions that develop methods and perform post-run diagnostics
  • Provides efficient, sensitive trace element analysis for environmental testing, food and agriculture studies, and pharmaceutical work
  • Reduces operating costs utilizing Shimadzu’s proprietary technology that includes a Mini-Torch system and ECO mode
  • Can also operate on 99.95% purity argon gas, instead of the more expensive 99.999% argon gas generally used


Sensor Module


  • Offers developers a finely-tuned sensor module to create mobile devices that can instantly analyze materials on the spot
  • Delivers the same functionality as conventional benchtop spectrometers in labs
  • Brings to end-users the ability to immediately quantify composition, detect impurities, and ascertain quality, speeding analysis of samples from days to minutes without the need for offsite lab verification

Si-Ware Systems 

High-Pressure Ion Chromatography System

Dionex Integrion
Booth 319 (ASMS 2016)
Booth 810 (ASM Microbe 2016)

  • Offers flexibility, ease-of-use, and configurability to meet labs’ evolving needs
  • Delivers high-pressure capability and optional electrochemical detection
  • Includes a simple, logical, flow-based plumbing layout and integrated performance features, including whole-system smart monitoring
  • Provides fast run times in a robust and reliable system

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Solid-Core LC Columns

Booth 201

  • Now include two new LC column chemistries— Waters® CORTECS® C8 and CORTECS® Phenyl
  • Designed for scientists who need to expand their chromatographic separation space while maximizing the speed, resolution, and sensitivity of their small molecule HPLC, UHPLC, or UPLC® separations
  • Capable of operating at very high column efficiencies and low backpressures


Basic Lab

Benchtop Refractometers

RFM-T Series

  • These Peltier temperature controlled benchtop refractometers feature a wide measuring range of up to 1.70 RI, precision to six decimal places RI (3 d.p. °Brix), and an all-new 7” touchscreen user interface
  • Ideally suited for quality control applications, both within academic research and a variety of industries
  • Include five models, with the RFM900-T models covering the widest of measurement ranges

Bellingham + Stanley 

Multi-Gas Analyzer


  • A new portable device for air quality and security measurement
  • Based on patented cantilever enhanced photoacoustic technology
  • Can utilize several different infrared light source technologies such as widely tunable quantum cascade lasers, enabling countless application areas for reliable ppb-level trace gas monitoring
  • Measures—for example—VOCs, inorganics, hydrocarbons, fluorocarbons, anesthetics, and corrosives at very low concentrations


Electronic Pipettes


  • This line of single and multichannel pipettes has been redesigned and expanded
  • Now include guaranteed performance in repetitive pipetting mode and a programmable custom mode, enhancing results reliability
  • Five pipetting mode options enable researchers to perform a large number of applications: pipet (standard), repetitive, mix, reverse, and custom (personalized) with a fast access menu to all the modes plus intuitive navigation


Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer


  • Offers non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) measurement capabilities, optimizing its range from 1.6ppm–6.0% for carbon, and 2ppm–1.0% for sulfur
  • Equipped with a unique CO detector
  • Features a new cleaning mechanism, increasing cleaning efficiency compared to that of conventional carbon/sulfur analyzers
  • Enables users to repeat their measurements up to 200 times, with less time spent for maintenance and cleaning

HORIBA Scientific 

Undercounter Laboratory Glassware Washers

Flex Series

  • Provide a new wash chamber with a rear docking system, which allows for flexible basket configurations improving load capacity by nearly 50%
  • Reduce water consumption by another 8% compared to its predecessor washers
  • New variable-speed pump enables the washers to provide marked efficiency and performance improvements from the previous G 78 series models
  • Include the PG 8583, PG 8593, PG 8583 CD, and PG 8583 CD OIL

Miele Professional 

Titration Line

Compact 10S

  • Designed for simple and secure titration analysis • Equipped with a high-resolution touchscreen, with the new METTLER TOLEDO One Click® graphical user interface and PDF generation
  • Plug & Play for burettes, sensors, and accessories facilitates their use without having to worry about errors
  • The modern interface of the 10S line offers more flexibility on data export


Differential Scanning Calorimeters

Discovery DSC 2500, DSC 250, and DSC 25

  • Feature enhanced sensing technologies resulting in excellent performance in baseline flatness, sensitivity, resolution, and reproducibility
  • Include the exclusive TA Fusion Cell™, which incorporates design concepts that “fuse” together features of the Q-Series and first generation Discovery DSC, patented Tzero® technology, and new proprietary manufacturing processes
  • Measures the change in energy in a sample as the temperature is raised or lowered

TA Instruments 

Chemicals, Kits, and Reagents

Magnetic Bead-Based Products


  • Range now includes two new kits— MagSi-NGSPREP Plus and MagSi-DT Removal
  • MagSi-NGSPREP Plus offers a simple and quick way to ensure consistent sequencing results
  • MagSi-DT Removal is a new magnetic bead-based kit that provides a convenient tool for ultra-fast and efficient purification of Dye-Terminator sequencing reactions and removal of unincorporated Dye Terminators and salts


Labeling Kit for CGH+SNP Arrays


  • Contains a complete set of reagents to prepare and label DNA for hybridization to a CGH+SNP array
  • Compatible with both CGH arrays and CGH+SNP arrays and includes the CYTAG™ CGH labeling kit, restriction enzymes Alui and RsaI, and PCR and gel clean-up columns
  • Compatible with the most common dye-based arrays and has been validated on multiple scanning platforms

Enzo Life Sciences 

Cas9 Accelerate Ribonucleoprotein

  • Adds to Horizon’s existing collection of microinjectionready reagents for gene editing of animal models
  • Maximizes gene editing efficiency by enabling CRISPR reagents to sidestep the transcription and translation steps that traditional Cas9 plasmid and mRNA formats must complete before being activated, thereby maximizing gene editing efficiency and lowering the risk of off-target effects

Horizon Discovery 

Custom Stock CRMs

  • Now available in TCT packaging, meaning custom stock CRMs can be shipped the same day
  • TCT packaging extends the shelf life of standard and custom CRMs by up to three years by halting the transpiration process
  • Go through demanding stability and compatibility programs to ensure consistent performance for the life of the standard

Inorganic Ventures 


Mixture Analysis Capabilities

ACD/ChemAnalytical Workbook & ACD/Spectrus Platform

  • ACD’s ACD/ChemAnalytical Workbook and ACD/Spectrus Platform now include mixture analysis capabilities
  • Allow for faster and more confident decision-making through review and analysis of all analytical data in a single, vendor-agnostic, live data environment
  • Provide more efficient sample deconvolution through simulated chromatographic method optimization
  • Enable deeper understanding of data through cluster analysis and data mining for IR, Raman, NMR, XRPD data, and more


Platform for Analyzing Cell-Free DNA

Booth 200

  • Designed to help researchers visualize and analyze chromosomal aneuploidies in cell-free DNA sequencing data
  • Offers genetics laboratories a cost-effective way to perform high-quality, cell-free DNA analysis in-house (which used to require an often-prohibitive investment)
  • The software platform is independent of NGS sequencing technology
  • With an established NGS infrastructure in place, OneSight, allows labs to set up an end-to-end cfDNA analysis pipeline


Analysis and Reporting Software

Vision64 Mapdata
Booth 329 (ASMS 2016)
Booth 1813 (ASM Microbe 2016)

  • Offered with Bruker’s entire line of 3D optical microscope systems
  • Is an extension to Bruker’s Vision64® instrument control and analysis software, and is based on Digital Surf’s Mountains® Technology software platform
  • Opens up streamlined access to automated reporting of advanced surface measurements in 11 languages, while ensuring compatibility across a wide range of industry norms


ICP-OES Spectrometer Software


  • Designed to facilitate method development, samples measurements, and results management
  • Features advanced sample management tools
  • For improved ease of use, NEO displays all information on a single screen allowing plasma and safeties monitoring at the same time as method development and acquisition
  • Full automation of the analysis is possible with a Smart Rinse feature
  • Available for all of HORIBA Scientific’s Ultima family ICP-OES spectrometers

HORIBA Scientific 

Lab Inventory Management Module

E-WorkBook Inventory

  • This off-the-shelf tool enables E-WorkBook users to garner a clear, real-time picture of lab stock, so that they can better manage resources, saving cash and time, as well as boosting compliance and safety
  • Allows users to register and search lab equipment, materials, and samples, and manage storage locations
  • Researchers can automatically capture inventory details within experiments by simply scanning a barcode


Spectroscopy Software for Vis-NIR Instruments

Vision Air

  • Designed for routine analysis measurements
  • Includes an intuitive and self-explaining user interface for fast measurement and straightforward data interpretation
  • Operation focuses on sample analysis parameters and trends, not spectra, increasing the information density from NIR measurements
  • Using an integrated and powerful networking system, Vision Air provides maximum control over all connected instruments worldwide

Metrohm USA 

LIMS Configuration Tool

LIMS Accelerator™

  • Automates LIMS configuration and has been proven in pharmaceutical companies to reduce implementation effort by up to 80 percent
  • Eliminates manual data entry and time spent on non-value added tasks
  • This platform-agnostic tool is designed to sit on top of existing LIMS and helps labs manage complex testing and workflows, track and analyze samples from reception to reporting, and facilitate automated processes faster and with more accuracy

Rural Sourcing 

Chromatography Data System


  • This industry-focused, networked chromatography data system solution eliminates the costs associated with licensing individual named users • Available as a standalone or fully networked client/ server application
  • Provides operators with customizable, single screen user interfaces that simplify day-to-day operation of GCs in routine analytical labs
  • Designed to operate in 24/7 production environments
  • Optimized for virtualized (VMWare, Hyper-V) and Metaframe (Citrix, Window TS) environments and rollouts
  • Seamlessly integrates with LIMS, LES, SAP, SCADA/PCS

Scion Instruments 

DB/CS Analysis Data System

LabSolutions Ver. 6.50
Booth 210

  • Includes a new report preparation and digital checking function that integrates analytical results and analytical operations using high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography instruments
  • Ensures reliability and improves analysis confirmation processes
  • Provides automated protection against the manipulation of test results
  • Offers improved operational efficiency by digitalizing the process of test result report confirmation


Life Science

Microfluidic Technology for MS


  • Provides high-quality separation capabilities as a front-end for mass spectrometry (MS), resulting in fast analysis for a broad range of biomolecules
  • In three minutes or less, ZipChips produce separations that are typically equivalent to 30-minute liquid chromatography or traditional CE runs with better quality results
  • Optimized for both large and small molecules and only require a few nanoliters of sample

908 Devices 

Automated Live Cell Imager

Lionheart™ FX

  • Optimized for kinetic live cell imaging, with up to 100x air and oil immersion magnification in a variety of slides, dishes, microplates, and flasks
  • Includes Augmented Microscopy™
  • Imaging channels include brightfield, color brightfield, phase contrast, and fluorescence, with both image-based and laser autofocus
  • Gen5™ 3.0 software provides automated image capture and analysis, plus annotation and movie maker functions


Reagent Dispenser

Booth 1640

  • New version available
  • Suited for applications including compound storage / addition, ELISA, genomic / proteomic studies, and screening, as well as cell based and kinetic assays
  • Featuring an intuitive touchscreen user interface, programming of repeat dispenses, variable volume dispenses, and custom programming is both fast and easy
  • Users can quickly alternate between 8 and 16 channel dispensing cassettes


Cell Culture Medium

PowerCHO Advance™ Media

  • The latest addition to Lonza’s range of specialized, chemically defined, serum-free media for culturing Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells
  • Offers easy filterability, improved cell-growth promotion, and high protein titers
  • Hydrolysate-free, serum-free, and of non-animal origin
  • Now further enhanced to better support high-density CHO cells in suspension
  • Facilitates both downstream purification and regulatory compliance for therapeutic bioprocessing applications


Array for Genetic Analysis

CytoSure Constitutional v3 +LOH

  • Designed for comprehensive genetic analysis of developmental delay disorders
  • Alongside the latest content for exon-level copy number variation (CNV) coverage, research-validated single nucleotide polymorphism probes facilitate detection of loss of heterozygosity (LOH), enabling insightful and cost-effective analysis on a single array
  • Builds on the existing success of the Constitutional v3 array

Oxford Gene Technology 

Assay for Genomics Research

LabChip® NGS 3K
Booth 428

  • Using PerkinElmer’s LabChip platform and the NGS 3K assay, researchers will be able to quantitate DNA using very small concentrations of sample
  • Designed to save time and allows for enhanced data analysis for simplified archiving and sharing
  • Provides a high throughput means to measure smear and fragment size distribution within the sample


Next Generation System for Cell-Based Assays


  • Enables a new generation of cell-based assays by allowing for complete control of key physiological conditions found in the microenvironments of cells, including settings for pressure, oxygen, temperature, and CO2 levels
  • Allows for the culture of difficult samples such as tumor biopsies and primary samples
  • Overcomes limitations of traditional cell culture

Xcell Biosciences