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October 2015 Technology News

This month, we highlight companies exhibiting at SfN and AAPS, as well as the 2015 EAS

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SfN 2015 runs from October 17-21 in Chicago, IL, while AAPS takes place in Orlando, FL, from October 25-29. EAS will run next month in Somerset, NJ from November 16-18. Please note that booth numbers for EAS were unavailable as of press time and that the products shown here may not be on display at these shows, but their manufacturers will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.


Optical Emission Spectrometer

PlasmaQuant® PQ 9000

  • Vertical plasma geometry of the V Shuttle Torch means long-term plasma performance without clogging and soot formation, even for the most heavy-duty samples like brines or petrochemicals
  • Firm torch base (shuttle) and the durable glass- and tube-free, yet built-in gas connections of the torch, allow a quick plug-and-play installation
  • Ensures precision auto-alignment

Analytik Jena 

Soft-EI Spectral Library

EAS 2015

  • Enables users to see how ‘soft’ electron ionization technology could benefit their GC–MS application
  • Allows anyone to view time-of-flight mass spectra generated using Markes’ Select-eV technology
  • Includes the 70 eV and low-eV spectra of over 350 compounds, but will be updated quarterly with curated spectra acquired in Markes’ laboratories, as well as from Select-eV users around the world

Markes International 

Custom Spectrometer Builder Web App


  • Helps users make an informed spectrometer purchasing decision in seven simple steps
  • Created from years of production and test data
  • Identifies specific needs towards the customer’s application by visually providing feedback
  • Minimizes delays, frustration, and any predicted difficulties for customers who have little to no experience in purchasing a spectrometer

Photon Control 

Four-Channel HPLC System

Prelude LX-4 MD
Booth 243 (SfN 2015)
Booth 1911 (AAPS 2015)
EAS 2015 

  • Allows scientists to purify a few grams of proteins per day either in continuous, batch, or parallel batch modes
  • Included simulation software, BioSC Predict, frees the process developer to set the most efficient mode and parameters to purify biomolecules
  • Developed in response to the FDA’s recommendations to the pharma industry to switch from traditional batch to continuous processes

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Basic Lab

Parallel Stirrer / Blenders

DrySyn Vortex

  • Range now comprises three systems, all designed to stir or blend up to three reactions at one time, whilst heating or cooling
  • Incorporate a powerful gear drive stirrer design
  • Two new systems include the Vortex Blend, which accommodates beakers up to 1000ml volume, and the Vortex Snowstorm, which features active temperature control from +150°C to -30°C


Multisample Cell Disruptor


  • Provides an alternative to conventional bead beater-type cell disruptors
  • Isolates nucleic acids, proteins, and other intracellular components in seconds rather than minutes
  • Processes 12 small samples (1-100mg) in 0.5 ml PCR tubes or six larger samples (10-400 mg) in 2 ml microvials
  • Operates with simple one-touch control—no programming, no clamping, no clean up and no cross-contamination


Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods


  • Come in 48”, 60”, & 72” widths and include a dedicated wash down and exhaust system
  • Constructed of either PVC or type 316 stainless steel and feature exclusive unitized dual wall construction for excellent chemical resistance, strength, and durability
  • Dedicated wash down features integral piping spray nozzles and remote control on right column


Light Source Lamps

  • Atomic absorption (AA) lamps are priced for budget-conscious labs and provide stable light output over the entire lamp life
  • Deuterium lamps (D2 Lamps) have been designed for AA, UV, and LC instrumentation for maximum, reliable performance
  • RI detector light source lamp will fit a variety of refractive index detectors

JM Science 

Rotary Evaporator

RC 600

  • Designed for intensive day-to-day use in a wide range of different laboratories
  • Complements the RC 900 system launched last year
  • Ergonomic design and intuitive control interface ensure ease of use, allowing rapid user familiarization and straightforward operation
  • For operator safety, a simple flask exchange mechanism and an easy-to-pour heating bath are incorporated, and there is minimal exposed tubing

KNF Neuberger 

Laboratory Steam Sterilizers

Model LSS

  • Available in single and double door pass through configurations among four cabinet sizes ranging from 4.6 cu.ft. (130 liters) to 20.7 cu.ft. (590 liters)
  • All models are 74” high (1880mm) with space-saving vanishing vertical doors that eliminate the need for any door swing or elevation clearance above the cabinet
  • Safety interlocks and valves prevent unsafe operation or over-pressurization


Thermal Analysis Products

DSC3+ and TGA/DSC 3+
EAS 2015

  • DSC3+ features premium furnace and sensor technology
  • FlexCal® technology automatically applies the correct calibration parameters to match the specified heating rate, method gas, and crucible type
  • TGA/DSC 3+ provides trustworthy results using a high performance METTLER TOLEDO balance that allows users to analyze a wide variety of sample types up to 1600°C


Linear Motor Stage

Booth 1400

  • Includes an integrated absolute-measuring, 2nm resolution encoder—no more wasted time for referencing required
  • Provides high velocity to 500mm/sec and quick acceleration
  • Suited for applications where high or extremely constant velocity is required
  • Frictionless, zero-wear motor drives are also popular in fast automation applications, where reliability and maximum uptime are crucial


Microplate Evaporator

Ultravap Levante™

  • Uses technology from the Ultravap Mistral™ series
  • Makes it even easier to integrate an automatic dry down step into the user’s biological sample preparation protocol
  • With the needs of LC-MS users in mind, offers rapid programmable dry down of samples dissolved in common chromatography solvents such as acetonitrile, dichloromethane, and methanol
  • Features ten stored programs and a full color screen


Motorized Stage System

OptiScan III
Booth 1515

  • An affordable, accurate stage and focus system for routine microscopy procedures requiring high precision
  • Offers the user full control in the X, Y and Z axes
  • Compatible with OptiScan motorized stages for both inverted and upright microscopes and Prior’s non-encoded focus motors and FB series motorized focus blocks
  • Provides a XY step size of 1.0 micron and Z axis step size of 0.1 micron

Prior Scientific 

Lab Bench


  • Has a maximum load capacity of 1500 lbs, and a leg design that allows for greater strength and stability
  • Table is height adjustable in one inch increments from 24.75”to 37.75”
  • Utilizes all Sovella® standard accessories and allows for easy attachment of Sovella® drawer units 26, 35, 38, and 45 using standard drawer mounting brackets

Sovella USA 

2-Channel Temperature Data Logger


  • Supports automated, error-free data collection, remote monitoring, and alerting with a simple Ethernet LAN connection
  • Features two-channel temperature monitoring
  • Provides web-based alert emails
  • Offers automatic uploads to TandD’s free WebStorage service through the Internet
  • Boasts easy setup with free software via USB connection • Supports web-based and local data archiving


Temperature Control for Waterless Bath

Electric Ice Buckets™

  • Allows the end user to program set points in either heating or cooling mode
  • Temperature controller is a PWM (pulse width modulating) controller
  • Features include a USB communication port, data logging software, and four different PID settings for different temperature ranges
  • Controller will also slow the fan speed as the unit reaches its set point to help reduce operating noise


Cleanroom Pass-Through

Smart Pass-Through™

  • Engineered for optimal efficiency and cleanliness when passing materials in and out of a classified environment
  • Smart Control Module monitors and manages functions specified to the application’s unique needs
  • Electropolished stainless steel construction, no-weld interior, and isolated electronic door interlock system simplify cleaning

Terra Universal 



  • Allows for simple one-handed operation with a high degree of accuracy, precision, and long lasting reliability
  • Offers robust yet lightweight construction and is autoclavable
  • As long as the user owns and calibrates the pipette with TTE every 6 months, they will enjoy free repair, free parts, and free replacement

TTE Laboratories 

Cell Culture

3D Cell Culture System

Booth 1473

  • Uses a patented absorber technology to create cell layers in high-density collagen that mimic the in vivo environment
  • Empowers researchers to create physiologically relevant cell culture models for use across drug discovery and research applications
  • Available in a number of formats and is appropriate for analysis using a wide variety of imaging, biochemical, and histological techniques


Cell Culture Clarification System

Sartoclear Dynamics®

  • Features new single-use technology for harvesting mammalian cell cultures with high cell densities
  • Specially designed for cGMP processing
  • Consists of prefilled single-use bags containing ultrapure diatomaceous earth (DE) in a choice of 0.5 kg to 10 kg
  • With a new quick-connect adapter for dust-free powder transfer, DE can be directly mixed into the cell culture fluid


Chemicals, Kits, & Reagents

Proinsulin & Insulin ELISA Kits

Booth 1363

  • Allow for the quantitative determination of insulin and proinsulin in serum and plasma
  • Provide a highly sensitive measurement, detecting as little as 0.622 μIU/mL (insulin) and 0.17 pM (proinsulin)
  • Enable users to analyze up to 40 samples in duplicate in three hours • Include a simple protocol, a pre-coated microtiter plate, and liquid color-coded reagents

Enzo Life Sciences 

qPCR-Based Library Quantitation Kit


  • Compatible with libraries with a broad range of insert sizes and GC content, made by a variety of methods
  • Requires only four standards, allowing more libraries to be quantitated per kit
  • The NEBNext® Library Quant Master Mix requires only the addition of primers
  • Utilizes a single extension time for all libraries, regardless of insert size

New England Biolabs 

PAH Interferences Standard

EAS 2015

  • The first and only certified reference material formulated to contain all major PAH interferences for priority PAHs
  • Allows analysts to quickly confirm the presence of common interferences by retention time comparisons
  • Since the PAH components are present in different concentrations, isomers can easily be distinguished by the difference in their response factors



Online Sample Management Tool

Virtual Biobank
Booth 243 (SfN 2015)
Booth 1911 (AAPS 2015)
EAS 2015 

  • Assists researchers in implementing best practices for maintaining sample integrity to ensure successful downstream research of biological specimens
  • Allows users to review the products and services needed to simplify and improve the management of each critical stage in the biobanking process
  • Incorporates sample and inventory management solutions in a compartmentalized workflow to help researchers solve their laboratory challenges

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

SEM Hardware & Software Package

Atlas 5
Booth 711

  • Extends the capacity of ZEISS scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and focused ion beam SEMs (FIB-SEM)
  • Streamlines automatic image acquisition and lets users benefit from its efficient navigation and correlation of images from any source including light and X-ray microscopes
  • Allows users to acquire large sets of 2D or 3D nanoscale electron microscope images for hours, or even days, without operator supervision


Life Science

Real-Time PCR System

qTOWER 2.0

  • Provides an open platform for each kind of qPCR plasticware from 0.2 mL single tubes to 96-well microplates
  • A high-grade silver sample block guarantees an excellent temperature homogeneity of 0.2°C over the entire block
  • Suited for any real-time PCR application with up to six fluorescent dyes
  • PC-based system contains a wide spectrum of optimized analysis tools

Analytik Jena 

Accessory for Evaporation Devices

ACT Plate Adapter
EAS 2015 

  • A solution for prevention of well-to-well cross contamination during extract evaporation
  • Fits on top of the 96-well collection plate containing the sample during evaporation
  • Compatible with straight needle evaporation devices and does not require any changes to the existing analytical method
  • Reusable and easy to use


Laser Autofocus Option

Booth 1809

  • For Cytation cell imaging multi-mode readers, to go along with the current image-based autofocus method
  • Patent pending laser autofocus design puts all the required components into a single, user-installable cube that can be added at any time to a new or existing system
  • Offers speed, reproducibility, and lowered risk of phototoxicity and photobleaching


Bluetooth HF RFID Reader


  • Reads and writes to high-frequency (HF) RFID tags (13.56 megahertz), supporting a wide range of HF standards
  • Uses area-imaging technology to read all popular 1D and 2D bar codes and improves scan performance on damaged bar codes
  • Highly durable design protects the device in demanding applications
  • Suited for point of care, blood tracking, drug inventory, reagent scanning, surgical part tracking, and more


Pathology FISH Probes


  • Expand current portfolio with the addition of eight new FISH probes for 1q25, 1p36, 19p13, 19q13, ROS1-GOPC, and RET
  • Provide bright signals for accurate scoring, leading to consistent results backed up by full evaluation support from OGT
  • In addition to pathology probes, a large number of other probes are available

Oxford Gene Technology 

Supplies & Consumables

Safety Screens


  • Now include options made entirely from PEEK (Poly- etheretherketone)
  • Provide excellent chemical resistance and strong mechanical properties which result in an extremely lightweight, yet robust, single piece construction safety screen
  • Nominal weights range from 0.01 grams for the smaller FSHF1304 130 flange mount screen and 2.4 grams for the largest FSHF6700 670 flange mount option

Lee Products 

FKM White Laboratory Tubing

  • Manufactured from one of the latest specialty types of Viton® fluoroelastomer
  • Features excellent chemical resistance to acids, alcohols, fuel, aliphatic, and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Also shows high fluid resistance to water and commercial cleaning fluids
  • Autoclavable by steam and has good chemical resistance to 5% sodium hydroxide, making it suitable for CIP (Clean-In-Place) for pharmaceutical applications


Membrane Chromatography Capsules


  • A range of capsule sizes with a 4 mm bed height is now available from the 1 mL nano unit up to the new 2.5 L jumbo version
  • Capsules’ upstream flow channels have been optimized, and an internal core forms a miniaturized downstream channel
  • Helps make subsequent polishing steps more reliable and uses less buffer


Instantly Soluble Sterile Media


  • Granulated media bags and sachets have been introduced to speed up and simplify sample preparation for microbiological analysis of food samples
  • Feature preparation times as low as one minute or less
  • Help laboratories cut waste, increase capacity, and respond to varying workflow requirements
  • Manufactured to ISO standards