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Reading and Imaging are Combined in BioTek's Revolutionary, New Cytation3

BioTek continues providing unique solutions and technological advancements in microplate instrumentation by proudly announcing the first combination Hybrid multi-mode microplate reader and imaging system.

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  • Combines multi-detection and automated digital microscopy in one instrument.
  • Modular architecture allows usesto select for present needs and easily upgrade.
  • Automated XY stage, autofocus, autoexposure and software features increase throughput of CCd-based image capture, cell counting and other tasks.
  • Multi-mode microplate reader measurees absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence detection.
  • Both filter-based and monochromator optics offer superior sensitivity and efficience and any wavelenth choice from UV to NIR.
  • Temperature control to 45oC, variable shaking modes, and CO2 and O2 regulation for live-cell assays.