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Technology News - Pittcon 2013

The equipment, instruments, and systems introduced to the laboratory market at Pittcon 2013

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Pittcon 2013

The equipment, instruments, and systems introduced to the laboratory market at Pittcon 2013




FT-NIR Analyzer
Booth 3119

FT-NIR Analyzer• Designed for in-line monitoring and control of batch or continuous processes
• Seamless installation enables reactor profiling, real-time determination of process end-point, cycle-time reduction, process characterization and early troubleshooting
• Has minimal footprint and can be shelf-mounted or wall-mounted in a safe area without requiring additional enclosure
• Features an embedded processor

ABB Analytical Measurements

TOF Mass Spectrometer
Booth 4008 and 4009

TOF Mass Spectrometer • Provides the analyst with the capability to capture referencequality full spectral information at traditional SIM detection limits
• Offers identification and measurement of both target compounds and unknowns in highly complex matrices and at the lowest possible levels
• Rugged and robust in routine operation
• Combines selectivity, stability and speed with full spectral sensitivity


UV-NIR Mini Spectrometer
Booth 1208

UV-NIR Mini Spectrometer • Offers performance and reliability in a petite footprint, making it a good fit for OEM applications
• Provides a wide versatility for use in ultraviolent (from 200 nm), and near-infrared (up to 1100nm) applications
• About the size of a deck of cards but features an optical resolution of up to 0.2 nm


Handheld Raman SpectrometerHandheld Raman Spectrometer
Booth 3349

• Easy to use and operates single-handedly, weighing less than 2.2lbs
• Allows rapid development of standardized and validated methods to facilitate inspection for purity and quality
• Features a temperature controlled detector, providing excellent data quality and unprecedented system stability
• First rate signal reduces the need for further testing, therefore decreasing production costs and escalating productivity

B&W Tek

Dual Light Scattering Particle Size Analyzer
Booth 1106
Nano DS

Dual Light Scattering Particle Size Analyzer • Combines Dynamic Light Scattering and Static Light Scattering measurement in one single optical system, making it more effective at analyzing nanoparticles
• Allows the user to select different measurement angles
• Provides excellent accuracy and repeatability across the entire 0.3 nm to 10 μm size range
• Compact, portable, and easy to use

Cilas Particle Size

Portable Gas Chromatography SystemPortable Gas Chromatography System
Booth 2011

• Operates on batteries and uses ambient air for the carrier gas, allowing for easy and rapid analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the field in about 5 minutes
• Uses micro fabricated components to achieve a lightweight and robust form factor
• Identifies each component, and provides a concentration of each component down to one half a part per billion detection limits

Defiant Technologies

Raman and Luminescent Spectrometry Solutions
Booth 3616

Raman and Luminescent Spectrometry Solutions • Raman-luminescent Microscope RamMics provides high sensitivity (resolution: 5-6 cm-1, spectral range: 140-4000cm-1) and high resolution for obtaining spectral images
• Micro Kit turns a regular microscope into a Raman-luminescent tool
• Raman Analyzer EnSpectr R532 recognizes substances with high speed and accuracy
• The EnSpectr Water controls concentration of PHMG on a predetermined level with an accuracy of <10% across the range 0,01 - 10 ppm

Enhanced Spectrometry

Imaging Particle Analysis System
Booth 3448
Imaging Particle Analysis SystemFlowCAM® ES

• Automatically extracts, dilutes and runs samples from within the production or processing line
• Eliminates manual sampling, speeds the process and promotes maximum line uptime while removing the risk of human error in data acquisition
• Automatically detects thousands of particles and microorganisms in seconds
•May be monitored and operated remotely from anywhere in the world

Fluid Imaging Technologies

Emulsion and Suspension Stability Analyzers
Booth 3016
Turbiscan Lab™

Emulsion and Suspension Stability Analyzers• Allows researchers to characterize product stability based on particle size change (flocculation or coalescence) and/or particle migration (sedimentation or creaming)
• Qualitative and quantitative results
• Much faster than typical shelf life studies: 200 times faster than visual tests
• No sample preparation required—analyze your products as is
• Easy to use


HPLC and UHPLC Columns
Fortis BIOBooth 509
Fortis BIO

•Designed specifically for bioanalysis of peptides and proteins, where a larger pore size is required to provide retention and selectivity
• Use an advanced silica template
• Available as an analytical particle, Fortis BIO is also available as a 1.7um particle for use in ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC)


Fluorescence TCSPC Lifetime Systems
Booth 2212, 2213
Delta Series

Delta Series• Series includes the DeltaPro, the very affordable and simplest to use filter-based lifetime system with performance comparable to most high-end systems
• The modular DeltaFlex integrates excitation and emission monochromators, a wide array of sources and detectors
• DeltaTime is a complete add-on solution that converts any of Horiba’s steady-state fluorometers into hybrid lifetime systems

HORIBA Scientific

Raman Microscope
Booth 2212, 2213
LabRAM HR Evolution

Raman Microscope LabRAM HR Evolution• Offers a fully automated, extended wavelength range capability and excellent achromatic optical design with a high focal length
• Ultra Low Frequency module provides high spectroscopic resolution and unique wavelength range capability from 200nm to 2000nm and frequencies as low as 10cm-1
• Gives users advanced confocal imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D

HORIBA Scientific

Raman Detection System
Booth 2212, 2213

Raman Detection System Mini-CCT• This hand-held Raman miniature spectrometer includes back-illuminated uncooled CCDs and USB 2.0 electronics
• HORIBA offers various Raman engines for OEM instrumentation using lasers and probes in the range of 532, 660 and 785nm
• Features unmatched detection limit for laser spectroscopy at 785nm thanks to its NIR optimized CCD and a patented high throughput optical design

HORIBA Scientific

1024 x 256 CCD Detector
Booth 2212, 2213

CCD Detector Syncerity• Ultra compact open-electrode 60ºC TE-Cooled Scientific Camera offers very low noise and a highest dynamic range
• Combines affordability, performance and versatility for OEM, as well as research applications
• Ruggedized connectors ensure overall system integrity in industrial environments
• All metal-sealed technology provides a permanent vacuum with a lifetime maintenance free warranty

HORIBA Scientific

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
Booth 4033

Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer DMA 1• Offers six different deformation modes to more accurately gauge materials performance
• Able to handle multiple dynamic and static measurements to characterize viscoelasticity, glass transition, softening, crystallization, phase transformation, and more
• Allows researchers to set the sample arm and analysis head at multiple angles based on sample nature and geometry, without the need to calibrate in between configurations


Thermogravimetric Analyzer
Booth 4033

Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA 1• Highly sensitive analyzer offers easier characterization of plastics, elastomers, thermosets and many more materials
• Measures up to 50 million resolution points continuously down to 0.1 μg for a 5 gram sample weight
• No weight range change required when switching between small and large sample sizes
• Allows a wide variety of sample types to be measured in succession


Chip-based Mass Spectrometry Instrument
Booth 2255
4000 MiD

Chip-based Mass Spectrometry Instrument• Brings together two high tech fields—chemical analysis and silicon micro-engineering
• Low operating cost and small footprint make the instrument deployable in a wide range of applications where mass spectrometry has not been able to reach before
• Fits even more comfortably into a standard lab fume hood
• ‘Plug and Play’ components enable users to maintain the system themselves

Microsaic Systems

Handheld XRF
Booth 1359
Oxford Instruments X-Met 7000

Oxford Instruments X-Met 7000• Features an intuitive touch-screen interface and robust report functions
• A good fit for PMI (alloy verification), RoHS screening, and environmental testing
• One of three analyzer lines available for review at Pittcon 2013
• Benchtop systems from Xenemetrix and Element Xr offer application versatility and measurement precision for industrial and academic laboratories

Eastern Applied Research

Optical Spectrometer
Booth 309
PPO HyperChannel

PPO HyperChannel• Builds a hyper-cube of information containing both spatial and spectral data through simultaneous, non-scanning acquisition and resolution of over 200 individually identifiable spectral points
• All spectral data is obtained simultaneously so that data is not distorted in dynamic sampling environments
• Built around the highly efficient PPO Gel Gratings, with optimized transmission optics, and 2D detectors

P&P Optica

1.3-Micron Core-Shell Media
Booth 1231
Kinetex 1.3-Micron Core-Shell MediaKinetex™

• Delivers measurably better performance than conventional fully porous media on UHPLC equipment
• Features efficiency levels over 400,000 plates per meter
• Kinetex core-shell family now includes four particle sizes, from 1.3- to 5-micron, providing separation solutions for virtually every chromatographic application and easy method transferability from UHPLC to HPLC to preparative-scale LC


IMS Analyzer Platform
Booth 1018

IMS Analyzer Platform• Designed for simple integration with most mass spectrometers
• Combines PHOTONIS’ patented Resistive Glass products with a new robust ion gate technology to create an IMS analyzer which improves resolution and simplifies serviceability
• Provides significantly higher resolving power when compared to currently available commercial IMS instruments
• Features a compact design


Hydrogen ppt Analyzer
Booth 326

Hydrogen ppt Analyzer• Measures all impurities in hydrogen to 0.04 parts-per-trillion LDL
• Uses patented palladium diffusion technology combined with an advanced mass spectrometer to achieve the low parts per trillion levels
• Features a 15 minute analysis cycle time and is self-calibrating
• Offers ppt analysis for all impurities in a compact, mobile enclosure
• Three models available

Power and Energy

Low-Temperature Evaporative Light-Scattering Detectors
SEDEX LT-ELSD Model FPBooth 318

• Model FP features an optimized dynamic range and sensitivity with a simplified gain setting for purification works, a robust flow path and accessible parts allowing a minimum and easy maintenance
• Model 90 results from a novel detection technology and provides excellent performances such as ppb level sensitivities, broad dynamic range, overall direct linearity, excellent efficiency and response consistency


UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer Systems
Booth 3125

UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer Systems• Based on high quality spectrometer modules with spectral ranges from 190-2200nm and permanent wavelength calibration
• Electronics have fast readout rates and high signal-to-noise
• Light guides are matched to the systems and fiber-optic immersion probes or measuring heads can be included
• All hardware is designed for process control environments


FT-IR Spectrometer
Booth 1835
Nicolet iS50

Nicolet iS50• Equipped with one-touch operation
• Highly adaptable and is designed to utilize purpose-built accessories and integrated analytic software capabilities
• ATR, Raman, and NIR modules make the Nicolet iS50 a multispectral range system, allowing users to acquire spectra from the far-infrared to the visible
• Provides fast, accurate analysis, while eliminating manual operational errors

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Portable GC-MS
Booth 3131

TRIDION™-9• Designed for rapid instrument startup and sample analysis, and is ready for sample analysis in ~5min from a “cold start”
• Run-to-run cycle times are typically ~5 min, allowing for analysis of ~12 samples per hour
• Provides rapid separations of sample analytes, along with highly sensitive and selective mass-based detection of a wide variety of compounds at the sample’s location


Portable IR Analyzers
Booth 934
InfraCal 2

InfraCal 2• Combine improved electronics which significantly reduce signal-to-noise ratio with a touch screen intuitive display
• New options and features include multiple calibrations, internal data logging, alarm functions, password protection, data transfer via USB or Bluetooth, and internal battery pack
• Compact, rugged package with no moving parts provides improved sensitivity and detection limits for various on-site measurements

Wilks Enterprise


Combined CO2 and O2 Meter
Booth 1131

Combined CO2 and O2 Meter • Combines the fast measurement of CO2 and O2 in one measuring cycle
• Available for portable use at-line, as well as in a standalone version for the laboratory • New and robust design is small, compact and lightweight, allowing for direct at-line measurements
• Allows users to verify the CO2 and O2 results measured by your process equipment

Anton Paar

Rheometer Options
Booth 1131
Rheometer Options Various models

• A wide variety of application specific accessories available
• Now possible to analyze the flow behavior of glasses, metals and stone slurries at temperatures of up to 1600 °C, while polymers can be measured at temperatures as low as -150 °C
• Solution for adapting a confocal microscope with the Anton Paar MCR WSP and WESP is available

Anton Paar

Automatic Compact Polarimeter
Booth 3926

Automatic Compact Polarimeter• Offers robust performance and excellent efficiency in small footprint—requires only half the space of a conventional polarimeter
• Features fast response speed of 60° per second and accuracy of ±0.002° (less than 1° Angle of Rotation)
• Use of square cells promotes quick and accurate temperature control


Vacuum Desiccators
Booth 3825
Scienceware® Lab CompanionScienceware® Lab Companion™

• Available in 8 unique cabinet and 6 standard round styles
• Provide vacuum integrity lasting three times longer than the average vacuum desiccator resulting in lower maintenance and greater peace of mind
• Able to maintain 29in.-Hg vacuum for over 72 hours at room temperature
• Durable, easy to clean, and chemical-resistant

Bel-Art Products

InversinaTumbler Mixer
Booth 2513

• Quickly homogenizes powders, solids, liquids, suspensions, and particles of any specific weight, size, sheer or viscosity by gentle treatment of the ingredients
• Uses three-dimension inversion kinematics, otherwise known as the Paul Schatz principle
• Can be used in a wide variety of industries
• Comes in both manual or automatic models with sizes ranging from laboratory to production scale


Tip EjectPipette Tip Reload System
Booth 3209
Tip Eject™

• Allows convenient reloading to Biotix phantom hinge racks without the use of transfer devices
• Translucent packaging allows for easy tip identification, while fully protecting tips from contamination due to contact and environmental particulates
• Tip Eject™ cards are made from 100% recycled polypropylene which helps laboratories to reduce waste without sacrificing pipette tip quality


VANEOX 40tBenchtop Press for XRF Applications
Booth 4109

• Has an integrated die for all common preparation techniques e.g. 32mm, 40mm, 40/32mm rings, 51,5/35mm rings and also customer specific diameters with or without ring are possible
• Offers 10 different application programs and three programmable ramping steps
• Features 40t max pressure, electronic pressure display, 100mm piston, and 230V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz voltages


Digital Pulse MixerDigital Pulse Mixer
Booth 1004

• These mixers are affordable and can be automated or customized for any vessel
• Perform high or low speed orbital mixing with repeatable mixing results
• Well suited to applications that include solution phase synthesis
• Also a good fit for cell culture and the QuEChERS procedure as the mixer is easily adapted for the various vials associated with QuEChERS


3D Digital Microscope3D Digital Microscope
Booth 3324

• Delivers fast operation and faster processor speeds
• User friendly software makes this microscope very easy to operate
• Images saved and taken with the KH-8700 are delivered with ultra-fine detail
• Includes a full HD monitor, auto focus, a high intensity LED light source, roughness measurements, and more


Hyperspectral Imaging Camera
Booth 2212, 2213

VERDE Hyperspectral Imaging Camera• Simultaneously captures the complete spectrum of every point in an image in a single measurement, in as little as 3 milliseconds
• No averaging or repeated experiments are required even with dynamic samples such as live organisms or combustion reactions
• Spatial and spectral ranges can be optimized for specific OEM applications

HORIBA Scientific

Handheld 384-Channel Electronic Pipette VIAFLO 384Handheld 384-Channel Electronic Pipette

• Enables labs to process samples simply and productively
• Offers all the benefits of increased sample throughput as well as lower sample and reagent use without the expense of having to invest in a robotic liquid handling system
• Comes with a choice of two 384-channel pipetting heads covering the volume ranges of 0.5 -12.5 μl and 5 - 125 μl


Modular Gas Standards Generating System
Booth 340

Modular Gas Standards Generating System• Now includes an automated humidity control option which allows simulation of real sample streams
• Dilutes the emission from permeation or diffusion tubes with an inert gas, typically nitrogen or zero air, to create trace concentration ppm, ppb and pptr gas mixtures
• Can also be controlled remotely by a PC or process computer using Modbus® connectivity


High-Specification, Single Frequency Laser
Booth 510

•Patented cavity of the torus ensures that it operates inherently at single-frequency
• Active mode locking mechanism and intelligent electronics also ensures there is no mode drift or hop, even over wide temperature ranges
• Available at 532nm, with powers up to 750mW and 660nm up to 200mW
• A good fit for a variety of applications

Laser Quantum

Flow Chemistry Starter Set
Flow Chemistry Starter SetBooth 3408

• For professional education and laboratory synthesis
Easy to use, scalable, and extendable
• Features plug and play operation, 4 Mr. lab reactors and 2 single syringe pumps
• Includes framework, tube and fittings, and instructions for 13 reactions e.g. Iodine clock reaction, Hippuric acid from glycine and benzoyl

Little Things Factory

Moisture Analyzers
Booth 4033

Moisture Analyzers• Hanging weighing pan provides best measurement performance with highly reliable results in the shortest time possible
• One Click™ Moisture graphical user interface enables smooth and fast operation
• Rugged design and the new easy-cleaning concept ensure a long service life and disruption-free operation
• Feature advanced halogen technology, the key to fast heating and precise temperature control


Micro Balances
Booth 4033
Excellence Plus XP Micro BalanceExcellence Plus XP

• Especially qualified for micro-dosing directly into large tare containers
• Features SmartGrid micro, SmartSens and SmartScreen—three innovations combined in one balance—ensuring comprehensive weighing security
• Provide optimal user protection, excellent measurement performance, full data security and seamless traceability
• Include built-in warning systems that visually and audibly alert the user


Wood Laboratory FurnitureWood Laboratory Furniture
Booth 737

• FSC certified and sustainable materials offered
• No added urea-formaldehyde (NAUF), California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant and a LEED AP is on staff ready to assist with LEED® registered projects • All furniture components are tested to the SEFA 8 Recommended Practices and are built to AWI standards to ensure many years of intensive use in a demanding environment

Mott Manufacturing

Optical MicroscopesOptical Microscopes
Booth 3315

• OPTIKA is continuously working on the development of new models, on production, on quality control, on sales and after-sales service
• Offer quality, innovation, competitive prices, and customer assistance
• Reach end users through a wide network of national and international distributors

OPTIKA Microscopes

Hydrogen Generators
Booth 2035
H2-PEMPD Series

H2-PEMPD Series• Produces up to 1,300 cc/minute of 99.99999+% pure hydrogen
• Eliminates the need for dangerous and expensive cylinders of hydrogen fuel gases and helium carrier gases
• Includes output pressure to 175 psig; a maintenance-free self-regenerative palladium membrane; an advanced PEM electrochemical cell protection system with microprocessor controls and a unique water hydration circulation system, along with a variety of other special features

Parker Balston

Karl Fischer Coulometric Moisture Titration System
Booth 1521
Karl Fischer Coulometric Moisture Titration SystemAquatest 1010

• Compact, low-cost unit provides quick and accurate analysis with maximum isolation of solutions from atmospheric moisture
• Uses constant current polarization detection and offers automatic electrolysis current control with a microprocessor controlled maximum titration rate of 1920 μg H20/min
• Now available with regular or diaphramless generator cells at the same price

Photovolt Instruments

Universal Homogenizers
Booth 3327

Universal Homogenizers• Hand-held homogenizers, post-mounted homogenizers and programmable homogenizers with the ability to homogenize various volumes (.03ML to 20L) at speeds of up to 30,000 RPM offered
• New preselected economic packages help users choose the homogenizer that best suits their needs
• Packages include options for a variety of volumes and sample types

PRO Scientific

Nitrogen Gas Generators Nitrogen Gas Generators
Booth 2713

• New line of generators is designed to meet a variety of laboratory budgets, sizes and demands
• Simple design helps reduce time spent on maintenance, while delivering a reliable and constant stream of nitrogen gas
• Four of the new generators create nitrogen using membrane technology, producing 34, 60 or 120 liters/minute without an internal compressor, and 36 liters/minute with a compressor

Proton OnSite

Cryogenic Mill
Booth 1410/1411

• Oscillating frequency of 30 Hz allows for 50 % increase in grinding energy
• Now includes reinforced housing and optimized liquid nitrogen duct
• Autofill System provides liquid nitrogen in the required amount so that the user avoids direct contact with the LN2
• Achieves improved grind sizes thanks to the increased oscillating frequency of 30 Hz


BOOTH 3533           





Users can look forward to the launch of the world’s first calibration-free pH meter at this year’s Pittcon conference and expo in Philadelphia—Senova System’s pHit Scanner.

The meter’s new technology platform incorporates an advanced sensor and electronics into a novel product design, eliminating glass electrodes and enhancing usability compared to traditional pH meters, the company said.

“Senova System’s pHit sensor platform represents the most significant technology breakthrough in pH measurement in over 70 years,” said Lee Leonard, CEO of Senova Systems. “With its strong usability and cost-of-ownership advantages, the pHit Scanner resolves many longstanding problems and we expect that it will be a ‘game-changer’ in pH measurement.”

pH is one of the most widely measured properties in a range of industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, soil and water testing and academic research.

As well as being calibration free, the new pH meter is also nearly maintenance-free as it can be stored dry and its glass-free design eliminates the threat of broken pH electrodes. The solid-state sensor also reduces signal drift for more accurate and reliable measurement.

Measurement data from the pHit Scanner can be transmitted via USB or Bluetooth and viewed, manipulated, and exported using Senova System’s pHit Reports software. The pHit Scanner can also be operated using a single button and features an easy-to-read LCD screen.

Though Senova Systems began shipping the pHit Scanner to Early Access Program customers in December, it will be available for purchase and shipment to most North American customers during the first quarter of 2013.

For more information, please visit

pH, ORP, TDS, & EC Controllers
Booth 3311
SCT Mini and Maxi Series

SCT Mini and Maxi Series• Mini-series with 45x91 mm (1.771 x 3.582 inches) and Maxi series with 92x92 mm (3.622 x 3.622 inches ) , face opening dimensions respectively, are both panel mounted types
• All the controllers have clear LED digital display for easy viewing
• Provide accurate and precise measurements for good results
• Feature a 4-20 mA current output

Scientific Chemical Technologies

Pilot Scale Supercritical Extractor
Booth 613

• Designed to perform supercritical fluid extractions in either single or dual 10 Liter sample vessels with single or dual separators, resulting in maximum efficiency
• Coriolis mass flow meter guarantees precise mass flow measurement
• Pneumatic CO2 pump with an integral waterless pre-chiller (patent pending) is used to maximize pumping efficiency

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

Syringe Pump
Booth 3636
Symax Syringe PumpSymax

• High resolution of 25,600 steps per revolution means the motion of the individual steps is virtually undetectable
• Delivery range lies between 2 nano litres and 44 ml per minute, depending on the size and diameter of the syringe used
• Available with a dual stroke option
• Can be used autonomously with a foot switch or integrated into a system


Compact Split Tube Furnace
Booth 2114

eXPRESS-LINE Protégé• Comes with a 2” ID heated chamber that has a 12” heated length in a single zone configuration for process tubes up to 1-1/4”
• Designed for temperatures up to 1100°C (2012°F)
• Produces uniform heat around the full 360° of the heated chamber and is insulated for maximum thermal efficiency
• Features an integrated single set point controller


Fume Cupboards, Ductless Fume Hoods and PCR Cabinets
PCR CabinetBooth 3432

• Variety of polypropylene clean air solutions
• High-quality non-corrosive polypropylene with high level of chemical resistance
• Products protect lab staff from fumes, acids, dangerous gas and organic solutions
• Quality filtering system • Components from leading companies—AAF USA & EBM Germany • Compliance with international standards, such as ASHRAE, EN, CE and ISO

TopAir Systems

Air Jet Sieve
Booth 7104
Hosokawa ALPINE e200 LS

Hosokawa ALPINE e200 LS• Jet sieving is a very efficient process that uses air flow as the only force that moves the material being analyzed
• Standard unit is available with a choice of three different software packages, from quick individual analysis to special traceability analysis, such as for pharmaceuticals
• Includes special sieve adapter that permits the use of other ASTM Standard, ISO Standard, and traditional air jet sieves

W.S. Tyler


37°C Warming Plate
Booth 3825
Scienceware® CultureTemp™Scienceware® CultureTemp™

• Helps increase cell viability during cell passaging by keeping cells at an optimal 37°C (+/-1°C ) outside of the incubator
•Reduces cell stress and allows enzymes like trypsin to work efficiently
• Minimizes the need to repeatedly enter a CO2 incubator
• Features a small footprint of 25.4D x 24.9W x 5.7cmH (10 x 9¾ x 2¼”)

Bel-Art Products


Standard Reference Materials
Booth 1528 – 1529

• Over 1300 Standard Reference Materials with well-characterized composition or properties, or both available
• Used to perform instrument calibrations as part of overall quality assurance programs, verify the accuracy of specific measurements and support the development of new measurement methods
• Standard Reference Data Group provided well-documented numeric data to scientists and engineers
• Calibration Services are designed to help the makers and users of precision instruments achieve high levels of measurement quality and productivity


Booth 1231

QuEChERS Kits• For the cleanup of multiple pesticide residues in food prior to HPLC or GC analysis • Rigorously tested tubes and superior tube caps ensure leak-free performance
• Low-extractable tubes ensure the cleanest possible extracts
• Designed to stand upright so they can be easily placed on a scale for sample weighing
• Salt packets have a unique, easy-pour design that minimizes spills


‘Ready- to- Use’ Buffer Packs
‘Ready- to- Use’ Buffer Packs Booth 257

• Provide a convenient way of accurately preparing the necessary reagents, at the proper pH and concentration, for solid phase extraction methods
• Eliminate time and more importantly, any potential error in the buffer preparation, ensuring the highest efficiency in the extraction method
• Prepared to same high quality standards as the entire line of SPE products



Automated Powder and Liquid Dispensing QuantosAutomated Powder and Liquid Dispensing

• USP’s recent changes to General Chapter Specific Gravity and proposed changes to Chapter Weighing on an Analytical Balance will have a positive impact of the quality of sample and standard preparation
• Using gravimetric techniques (weighing the substance and the solvent) eliminates many potential sources of error in manual and volumetric steps


Blending Stations
Booth 2017

BLENDA Blending Stations• Used in industry to speed up the development of new lubricants for any application
• Blenda 1 is designed for medium size blends of oils and additives up to 500ml
• Blenda 2 is designed for complex formulations with inline viscosity adjustment • Both systems can produce up to 40 blends per day

Zinsser NA


Microwave Reactor
Booth 1131
Monowave 300

Monowave 300• Includes an intuitive software interface and features such as 850W power, in-situ temperature measurement, and robust re-usable vials and caps
• Offers a capable platform for microwave synthesis that enables you to focus on the chemistry, not the instrument
• Easy to use

Anton Paar

Rapid Enzyme Digestion System
Rapid Enzyme Digestion SystemBooth 3515

• Offers low cost solutions for easy, fast and safe enzyme reactions
• Increases the temperature of the reaction samples as well as the water in the jar evenly and instantly
• Reduces the overall reaction time drastically
• Covers not only a single sample but 96 samples in the 96-well plate at one time for large scale protein digestion or biomarker research

Hudson Surface Technology

Microfluidic Toolbox
Booth 2506

Microfluidic Toolbox• Contain generic modules for a large number of principal functionalities
• Modules have a standardized footprint and fluidic interfaces in order to combine them in a “lego-like” fashion as well as to interface them easily with existing lab equipment
• Components as well as fitting accessories are available off-the-shelf through microfluidic ChipShop’s Lab-on-a-Chip catalogue

microfluidic ChipShop

MiniSeal IIMicroplate Heat Sealer
Booth 2854
MiniSeal II

• Offers excellent reproducibility in sealing microplates of all types and sizes
• Operating with a very high force ensures high integrity sealing of deep well or even irregularly shaped microplates
• Only requires plugging into a single electrical outlet to operate
• Does not require a compressed air supply to operate

Porvair Sciences

Microplate Evaporator
Booth 2854
UltraVap Mistral

UltraVap Mistral• Robot-compatible automatic dry down station is optimized for Tecan, Hamilton and Beckman robots
• A new version of Porvair’s most popular sample concentrator
• Makes it even easier to integrate an automatic dry down step into your automatedliquid handling protocol

Porvair Sciences

TOPEXMicrowave Digestion System
Booth 3537

• Dual magnetron staggered resonance arrangement maintains non-pulsed continuous microwave output throughout the power range (0-1800W)
• Two kinds of safety mechanisms include positive safety and passive safety
• Includes high frequency closed loop feedback microwave control mode
• Features larger 56L volume of cavity, 316-L stainless steel, which is compatible with different rotors and a variety of other benefits



Compound Identification Software Package
Booth 4008 and 4009

• Capable of detecting and identifying both targeted and unknown compounds in complex GC/MS chromatograms for either trace-level work or for routine screening
• Delivers rapid screening of chromatograms against compound libraries, and provides the analyst with the capability to quickly and easily create bespoke spectral libraries
• New batch-processing option now allows multiple files to be screened against a single library


Booth 1813
Matrix Gemini

• Includes a powerful suite of configuration tools and a desktop/web-browser user interface
• Quick and easy to set up
• Autoscribe Informatics will also be showcasing Stability Management options for pharmaceutical and food applications, the Environmental Monitoring system and Matrix Express, Autoscribe’s low cost entry level LIMS for smaller organizations as well as the Quality Management Suite


Software Suite for Analytical Data
Booth 2009
Seahorse Scientific Workbench 2.0

Seahorse Scientific Workbench 2.0• Vendor-independent software suite captures, analyzes and shares analytical data
• Consolidates raw and result data from many instruments and techniques in a single tool, based on the emerging ASTM AnIML data standard
• Now includes an intuitive navigation mode, allowing scientists to explore experiments and samples, independent of the original vendor software and a variety of other new features

BSSN Software

Booth 1802
HORIZON Data Exchange

• Quickly installed and easy to use
• Reduces instrument interface configuration time from weeks or days to hours or minutes—average time to interface a chromatography instrument with a HORIZON LIMS is 90 minutes
• Makes selecting an applicable parser from a centralized library and operating in either manual or automatic mode easy



Pistons and Ball & Seat ValvesPistons and Ball & Seat Valves

• Made out of advanced ceramics and sapphire • Surface finish quality is highly polished to better than 1 micro-inch
• Company also manufacturers pistons/cylinders and other custom-made parts for high-pressure pumps, pipettes, metering pumps and other precision dispensers
• Parts are made 100% in-house to guarantee the quality of the material at all stages of the manufacturing process


Silica Gel
Booth 636

DAISOGEL• Analytical and preparative grades are made by the same production method under carefully controlled conditions in order to assure consistent selectivity from lot to lot and between different particle size, which is essential for scale-up work
• Manufactured under ISO 9001 controlled conditions with the advanced sol-gel method
• DAISOGEL bonded phases are manufactured in an industry-leading GMP compliant way


Manual Inflating Sample Bags
Booth 614
VeriAir Flex™VeriAir Flex™

• Offers a new patented design that allows a grab sample to be collected directly without any need for pumps
• Simple, intrinsically safe, and made of durable multi-layer foil, VeriAir Flex™ bags are both reusable and can be air shipped for overnight delivery


PTFE 96-Well Plate Sealing Tape
Booth 2313

• Features a pattern adhesive suitable for many applications including PCR, qPCR, auto-sampling, and storage
• Adhesive is applied in a patented pattern that provides adhesive-free target areas that won’t clog auto-samplers
• PTFE offers superior chemical compatibility and is optically clear with virtually no autofluorescence
• Easily punctured with as little as 0.5 lb force with no coring or tearing


Silicone Plate-Sealing Mat
Silicone Plate-Sealing Mat Booth 2313

• Adhesive is applied in a patented pattern for secure adhesion to well rims and is tinted red to aid in correct alignment
• Manufactured from medical grade silicone, the 30 mil thick flat mat is dimple-free for quick, easy application and eliminates well volume loss associated with dimple space
• Offer a wide temperature usage range of -70°C – 120°C


Dual Purpose Electrodes
Dual Purpose ElectrodesBooth 1258

• Threaded adaptor (1/2”, 3/4” (M) NPT) allows these lab electrodes to be easily converted into industrial ones
• With a special adaptor, it also easily replaces electrodes with a PG13.5 (S8) connector
• Sealed with ElectroJelly™, a semi-solid material with a high salt concentration that can effectively hold electrolytes in the electrode and prevent contamination from sample back-flow

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