Becoming a Super Lab Manager

Volume 4 Issue 10 | December 2009

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Cover Story

Becoming a Super Lab Manager

By Richard Daub

There is hardly a company in the world that hasn't been affected by the global economic downturn. In an economy such as ours, management should help alleviate the stress put on employees worrying about job security. Communication is key, and when staff members are aware of an organization's goals, productivity and motivation improve.


Leadership and Staffing

Motivating a 21st Century Lab Staff, Part II

In coming up with ways to motivate their staff, managers should take into account the different age cohorts that exist among employees. These groups all value different things and have various expectations when it comes to work. This article outlines ways of approaching each of these cohorts.

Business Management

Lab Design and Furnishings

Location, Location, Location

Whether your R&D operation functions as one central laboratory or as several smaller laboratories, the location chosen can impact facets of your business differently. From personnel relocation to reducing operating costs, several factors should be taken into consideration when determining the best location for your lab.

Laboratory Technology

Measuring Mercury Levels in Fish

Human activities produce most of the mercury found in the environment. After it settles into rivers, lakes and oceans, it reacts with microorganisms and converts to methyl mercury, which builds up in predatory fish. Regulatory bodies around the world have initiated strict legislation to monitor mercury levels in seafood to protect the health of consumers.

Business Management

The Evolution of Equipment Service

The quality and reliability of your laboratory equpment is central to generating results. Those results have a vital impact on the success of your lab, and when an instrument fails, your reputation can suffer. Choosing the right service provider is therefore essential.

Product Focus

Product Focus

Product Focus: Laboratory Washers

Glassware washing machines are more than convenience appliances: They ensure consistent cleaning of critical labware, free up technician time for more value-added work, and provide assurance and validation in regulated industries.

Research-Specific Labs

Perspective On: A Food Testing Lab

The U.S. imports food from more than 150 countries and territories. Much of it is fresh produce and seafood, which can carry microscopic contaminants. While these contaminants become smaller and more sophisticated and food safety laws become stricter, food testing laboratories are coming up with new technologies and processes to detect chemical toxins before they reach the consumer.

Lab Product

Evolution of the Analytical Lab Balance

This article will look at the major technological breakthroughs–from the first single-pan analytical balance manufactured in 1945 to that which more closely resembles what's in your lab today.

Laboratory Technology

Lab Health and Safety

Knock! Knock!

The how, when and what for a meaningful lab safety audit.

Laboratory Technology

How it Works

How it Works: Sample Security

Hamilton Storage Technologies has developed an automated sample management system that provides sample security, audit trails and complete chain of custody documentation.

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