Volume 5 Issue 5 | June 2010

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Cover Story

It Pays To Protect

By Vince McLeod

Pay me now, or pay me later has never rung more true than when it comes to workplace health and safety. The chain reaction of costs (both direct and indirect) and consequences when an accident occurs proves all too well the value of diligent lab safe


Leadership and Staffing

Retaining Knowledge

The soft knowledge of your most experienced staff members is a valuable asset that can be used for commercial advantage. Allowing these staff members to leave the laboratory without capturing this knowledge means an irrecoverable loss of valuable as

Laboratory Technology

Presumed Accurate

The notion that a temperature can be exactly X is erroneous, in the strictest sense of accuracy. In reality, all measurements are subject to uncertainty, and a measured value is only complete if it is accompanied by a statement of the associated uncertainty.

Securing Data

Whether youre looking at a LIMS, ELN or another system, ensuring data integrity is important in order to ensure that the data a researcher references is correct, satisfy outside stakeholders, and support other efforts, such as proving patents by providing the supporting data.

Lab Design and Furnishings

Best and Brightest

Of late, designers and operators of laboratory spaces are beginning to encourage clients to consider an unusual and often unconsidered aspect of research facilities: how laboratory design and amenities contribute to a research organizations ability to attract and retain top scientific talent.

Leadership and Staffing

Research-Specific Labs

Perspective On: A Forensic Crime Lab

The National Academy of Sciences has unanimously recommended 13 measures to address problems plaguing crime-lab forensics, including a call for massive forensic-science research sponsored and funded by a science-based agency outside the Department of Justice.

Lab Health and Safety

Rash Decisions

Recognizing and preventing latex rubber glove allergies.

Business Management

Partnering with Other Labs

An array of partnership business models has emerged from the slow dance and courtship between industry, academia and government.

Ready to Buy

When preparing to purchase a new laboratory instrument, keep bid specifications basic, let as many vendors as possible compete, look at more than basic spec requirements, check for unique features of each system, and encourage demos.

Laboratory Technology

How it Works

Lab Product

Evolution Of HPLC Systems

The origins of HPLC date back to the invention of chromatography in the early 20th century, through the introduction of partition and paper chromatography in the 1940s, to the introduction of liquid chromatography in the early 1960s.

Laboratory Technology

Ask the Expert

Product Focus

Product Focus: HPLC Systems

HPLC has expanded its scope significantly into chemistry, pharmaceuticals, forensics, and organic chemical analysis.

Laboratory Technology

Purchasing Guides

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