Science & the Public Trust

Volume 5 Issue 7 | September 2010

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Cover Story

Science & The Public Trust

By F. Key Kidder

Scientific communication researchers see a change in the prevailing mode of scientific communicationthe top-down deficit model to one in which being engaged with the public at some level is just part of what it means to be a scientist.


Leadership and Staffing

Customer Service

The best single way for lab managers to promote outstanding effective technical service is to take care of the lab people who take care of customers. When the people who work for you feel valued, they will make your firms customers feel valued.

Managing Expectations

The mantra in your organization should be how each department can help every other department. Managers need to focus on how they can make it easy for customers to do business with their lab, and others need to focus on what they can do to make it easy for your lab to do business with them.

Laboratory Technology

Simulation-Based Planning

Simulation tools have been available for 40 years, but advances in computer technology have now made them truly practical for use in managing operations in laboratories, which by their nature are complex due to the mix of tests conducted, the variety of equipment involved and the scientist skill set needed.

The ABCs of Electronic Signatures

If you have electronic records and you print them out for signature approval, the implementation of the electronic signature will completely replace the need to print. Every approver will instead provide his or her signature electronically.

Lab Design and Furnishings

Pure Water

A successful water system design begins with a clear and precise definition of user needs throughout the facility. The purity level and volume of water required at each point of use can vary considerably and therefore must be fully assessed in order to properly inform the designer of the water purification system.

Design Focus: Sustainability

With the issue of sustainability fast becoming ubiquitous in our culture, the benefits of green design and building are prized highly by architecture, engineering and construction professionals as well as by many in the scientific community at large.

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: Setting Up A Cell Culture Laboratory

Dr. Peter Hodder, senior scientific director and head of Lead Identification Division at The Scripps Research Institute in Florida, talks about his experiences moving from big pharma to academia to set up a high-throughput screening laboratory from the ground up.

Lab Product

Evolution Of The Laboratory Vacuum Pump

If one studies the evolution of the laboratory pump over the past 25 years, it becomes apparent that this is an area of significant innovation, with important developments in high vacuum technology, corrosion resistance, vacuum control, and improvements in the efficiency and ecological impact of vacuum pumps.

Product Focus

Product Focus: Recirculating Chillers

Chillers are refrigerators that cool down samples or processes to preset temperatures by removing heat from one element and transferring it to another, typically air or water.

Product Focus: Labware Washers

Anyone who works in a lab quickly learns the value of labware washers. Today washers are almost as common in laboratories as they are in kitchens.

Research-Specific Labs

Leadership and Staffing

Lab Health and Safety


The First Annual Laboratory Safety Survey

Based on responses to our Lab Safety Survey, our readers are doing a pretty good job of providing safe workplaces and watching out for their employees when it comes to safety.

Business Management

Recycling Closed Laboratories

Is there a large laboratory in your area that might close? Or is there one that has closed and reopened and is renting laboratory space? If so, this might represent a valuable opportunity for your firm.

Laboratory Technology

Bead Mill Homogenizer

Designed for grinding, lysing, and homogenization of biological samples prior to molecular extraction.

How it Works

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