Go, Go Gadgets

Volume 6 Issue 6 | July 2011

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Cover Story

Go, Go Gadgets

By Katia Caporiccio

Continuous advances in mobile technology have been changing the way the modern world works. Make last-minute changes to a presentation on your way to a meeting, send reports back to the office while you’re at a conference or trade show, or even input data from an experiment into the LIMS directly at the bench.


Laboratory Technology

Choosing the Right LC Column

At the end of March, Lab Manager held a “Product Showcase” webinar on “New Chemistries and Improvements in Liquid Chromatography (LC) Columns” featuring a panel of experts from leading providers of LC columns and equipment.

Lab Product

Leadership and Staffing

Systems Thinking

The only thing that changed was the title. The job, the responsibilities, even the pay were exactly the same, but when the title was changed to director, the relationships, levels of trust, gossip and impediments to getting things done were all out of whack for a couple of months. This is a situation that takes more than simple explanations to fix.

The Five Keys to Systems Thinking

Structure drives behavior. The way your organization is structured—flat, crossfunctional, hierarchical or “siloed”—will drive the way your staff behaves. Think operationally, not correlationally.....

Lab Manager Academy: Why Do They Keep Changing Everything?

Change has always been an issue for every generation and it often makes people feel extremely uncomfortable. I find that people don’t mind change if it was their idea, but when faced with a change someone else has made, it can cause a major dis

Business Management

Science Matters: Networking in Today’s Scientific Workplace

We all know the form of classic networking, and people in sales or supply chain management pioneered it for business purposes. It’s where they meet casually with colleagues. Maybe the individuals involved don’t work for the same company.

Laboratory Technology

Cell Culture Contamination – Part 3

The third entry in our three-part series on CO2 incubation discusses how to prevent contamination of cell cultures by bacteria (including mycoplasmas), viruses, and fungi, or even cross-contamination by other cell lines.

Lab Product

Research-Specific Labs

Perspective On: A Drug Discovery Lab

The privilege of conducting research dedicated to finding cures for human diseases is one reason Paul Diaz starts his workday with enthusiasm. “The life of a scientist can be stressful, but in what other profession does it seem like someone is is paying you to indulge in a guilty pleasure?”

Product Focus

Product Focus: Freeze Dryers

Demand for reliable methods of preparing and storing high-value samples has rejuvenated the market for freeze dryers, also known as lyophilizers.

Product Focus: Microwave Sample Prep

Microwave digestion is the preparation method of choice for analyzing metals in complex mixtures. Food and environmental industries favor this technique, which is also applicable to testing materials, soil, agricultural waste products, engine oils, and biological samples.

Product Focus: Homogenizers

Homogenization seeks to create samples in which analytes of interest are dispersed uniformly throughout. Numerous technologies can achieve this, including pressure, mechanical (rotorstator or blade-type), and bead-beating.

Product Focus: HPLC Systems

As HPLC systems become faster and employ increasingly exotic stationary phases, sample preparation becomes essential for reliable, reproducible analyses.


Product Focus


2011 ELN Survey Results

Electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs) are not the hub for capturing every piece of laboratory data. They are, however, leading the way into a new era of converging functionalities. Read on to find out the ELN survey results.


2011 Vacuum Pumps Survey Results

Vacuum pumps are an essential piece of equipment and used in a wide variety of processes in most laboratories. Read the results of our vacuum pumps survey right here.

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: Keeping Up With LIMS Upgrades

David Dooling, Ph.D., assistant director of informatics at the Genome Institute at Washington University, discusses the challenges associated with tackling vast amounts of data in large sequencing labs and shares his experiences in building and utilizing an advanced LIMS for data tracking and storage.

Lab Health and Safety

Can You Hear Me Now?

Recognize this mobile phone commercial cliché? Well, you might be hearing it in your lab as this phrase is repeated more and more—not relating to poor cell phone service, but the insides of buildings and laboratories.

Lab Health and Safety Tips

Business Management

The Globalization of R&D

There are several forces driving globalization of R&D. The first is to better target the R&D needs and markets of other nations. A second is to spread the costs of large projects between two partners or more to reduce the risks and costs incurred by each partner. A third is to promote the sale of the R&D results to the countries in which the R&D took place.

A Product Co-development Cautionary Tale

In many ways, the development of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner jet plane serves as an object lesson about the hazards of globalization of new product codevelopment and manufacturing. Over many years, Boeing had built its own aircraft design facilities, aircraft manufacturing plants and suppliers in Everett, Washington, near Seattle. That changed with the Dreamliner.

Investigating for Failures

The FDA and other regulatory agencies consider the integrity of laboratory data to be an integral part of the drug manufacturing process. Deficiencies of out-of-specification (OOS) investigations continue to be the major cause of warning letters in the pharmaceutical industry.

How it Works

Lab Product

The Right Choice For Homogenization

The goal of homogenization is to process samples quickly and efficiently while maintaining the quality of the end product. A major factor in successful homogenization is the reproducibility of samples.

How it Works


White Papers and Application Notes

PW Analytical Balances

PW analytical balances provide users with an accurate and consistent tool for density determination of different materials.

White Papers and Application Notes

LabWare LIMS Solutions: LabWare Enterprise Laboratory Platform

LabWare is recognized worldwide as a leading supplier of laboratory automation solutions. The company's Enterprise Laboratory Platform, which combines the functionality of LIMS and Electronic Laboratory Notebook into a single integrated solution, is unique in the industry.

Quality Assurance of Weighing Processes

The biggest challenge for weighing instruments is weighing small samples with reliable accuracy. Knowing the minimum weight of the instrument solves this issue.

Helium to Hydrogen GC Carrier Conversion in the Lab

As U.S. supplies dwindle, prices of crude helium have risen 50 percent in the last decade, according to the Bureau of Land Management. As a result, many laboratories are replacing traditional helium carrier gas supply for their Gas Chromatography systems with hydrogen.

Sample Preparation for NIR Analysis

A much discussed issue related to Near Infrared Analysis (NIR) is the necessity of sample preparation. Ground and unground samples of wheat were analyzed to determine how truly necessary it to homogenize samples before NIR analysis.

Sciency® ELN – A Step Closer to a Paperless Laboratory

In a modern society, various means of electronic communications have become a norm of everyday life. In recent years, numerous laboratories in academia and industry have started to adopt Electronic Laboratory Notebook(ELN) software.

Purification of Alkaloids with RediSep® Rf SCX Columns

Abstract: The purification of alkaloids using RediSep Strong Cation Exchange (SCX) columns is described. Several alkaloids are used as models for those extracted from plant species. The alkaloids are separated from neutral and acidic compounds, and a

Vacuum Control – Why & How?

The simplest lab vacuum applications require little or no control; vacuum filtration and aspiration require only the simple application of modest suction.

Products in Action

The Future of Race Way…

STARLINE Plug-In Raceway, has revolutionized the power distribution industry! Universal Electric Corporation created STARLINE Plug-In Raceway to meet the ever-changing power distribution and datacom needs of research, pharmaceutical, university, hospital and data labs.
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