Hazcom 2012: Are You Prepared?

Volume 7 Issue 5 | June 2012

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Managing Projects

According to PMI (the Project Management Institute), project management is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently.

Laboratory Technology

Business Management

Science Matters: Getting the Project Method Right

Business has changed across virtually every industry in this post-recession era. Companies must simply do more with less, and this is especially true in the sciences where, among many other factors, the expiration of valuable drug patents and the dawn of personalized medicine are impacting the way things get done on a daily basis in labs around the world.

Killing the Project

The traditional view is that the project manager is the project champion who defends the project against budget cuts and maintains the support of project team members and stakeholders. However, sometimes the right decision is not to continue the project but to terminate it.

Evolving Training Programs

Whether your lab is growing or shrinking, training programs need to stay in sync with your changing requirements.

Leadership and Staffing

Computing and Automation

Concerning The Cloud

While cloud computing is merely a metaphor to signify the abstraction of technology, resources and locations, the possibility of your laboratory missing out on the biggest technological leap ever is real. There has been a lot of hype over the

Laboratory Technology

Building Transparency – A Top-Down View

Drug discovery is an inherently collaborative venture that necessitates the interaction and integration of people, processes, laboratories, and technology. This is easier said than done, however.

Ask the Expert

Research-Specific Labs

Lab Product

The Right Choice: Centrifuges

An essential piece of basic laboratory equipment, the centrifuge applies thousands of gravitational force equivalents to a sample while spinning in order to separate structures and particles suspended in a liquid.

Product Focus

Product Focus: Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

As a component of a lab’s information infrastructure, ELNs help laboratories capture and manage knowledge, streamline data management, protect intellectual property (IP), and, as a central repository, foster collaboration between and among groups and locations.

Product Focus: Freeze Dryers

The use of freeze dryers extends from applications in academic labs to zoos. Moreover, this technology contributes to basic research and manufacturing.

Product Focus: PCR Reagents

To get enough DNA for processing, such as sequencing the chain of nucleotides, researchers turn to the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). A series of reagents drive this process, and that includes polymerase, buffers, and so on.

Lab Health and Safety

Waste Not, Want Not

Characterize chemical waste correctly to ensure safety & avoid fines and penalties.

Lab Health and Safety Tips


White Papers and Application Notes

White Papers and Application Notes

Products in Action

White Papers and Application Notes

Accelerating 3D Microtissue Production

Preclinical drug development relies on advanced in vitro models with a high degree of standardization to achieve maximal predictivity for an efficient compound de-risking strategy.

Lab Product

White Papers and Application Notes

How it Works

How IR Spectroscopy for Protein Quantitation Works

Classical methods for protein quantitation rely on colorimetric assays, such as those involving protein-copper chelation (bicinchoninic acid (BCA) and Lowry assays) and dye-binding based detection (Bradford and “660 Assay”) or ultraviolet (UV) spectroscopy.
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