Effective Global Leadership

Volume 7 Issue 6 | July 2012

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Editor's Buzz

Opposite Ends of the Earth

Last month we provided important and practical information about project management techniques and their usefulness in laboratory management. This month we turn our attention to a different management challenge that becomes more commonplace every day in every industry.

Business Management

QC Failures Happen

Methods for determining which undesirable conditions require root cause analysis and which do not.

Leadership and Staffing

Computing and Automation

Lab Automation is Inevitable

In September 2012, the Institute for Laboratory Automation and Lab Manager — as part of the Lab Automation University program— will offer a series of webinars under the heading “Lab Automation Is Inevitable: Are You Ready?

Laboratory Technology

Flexible Gas Handling

Computerized and expandable systems allow for continuous processing and cost efficient lab expansion.

Ask the Expert

Lab Health and Safety

VHP Safety Basics

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization is effective, but not without hazards.

Lab Health and Safety Tips

Research-Specific Labs

Perspective On: A Drug Discovery Lab

Started up in 2000, A&G Pharmaceutical is an antibody-based drug theranostic (therapeutic and diagnostic) company focused on improving the screening, detection, and treatment of cancer as well as other diseases that affect people.

Lab Product

The Right Choice For Mass Spectrometry Systems

An analytical method that involves generating charged molecules or molecular fragments and measuring their mass-to-charge ratio through the ionization of chemical samples, mass spectrometry (MS) is a key part of many laboratories.

Product Focus

Product Focus: Homogenizers

Turning a sample into a suspension— the essence of homogenizing—occurs in a wide range of laboratory applications. In life science and clinical research, scientists often homogenize tissue samples for various analytical studies.

Product Focus: pH Meters

This article covers the trends in laboratory pH Meter technology from the early days to the latest updates to pH Meter requirements.

Accuracy, Reproducibility, and Walk-Away Operation

Titrators are basic laboratory tools that add solutions of one reagent to solutions of another with varying degrees of precision. Labs employ titrators mostly in analytic mode to measure concentrations of analytes.


Are You in the Market for a Chromatography Data System?

The right chromatography data system (CDS) can spell the difference between a streamlined data collection process and one that is haphazard. CDSs are software packages that collect, store, and help users interpret data.

2012 Microplate Handlers Product Survey

Microplate handlers are specialized robotic devices that transfer microtiter plates in three-dimensional space from one location within a workflow to another.

Lab Product



Note to readers regarding an error in the July 2012 Tech News section.

How it Works

How it Works: A Rinse Station

Cleaning and rinsing lab and process carboys and containers by hand inevitably leads to problems with cross-contamination.

How Heat Effect in Fume Hoods Works

Chemical procedures commonly require the introduction of heat. This is typically in the form of a hot plate or open flame. While the best place to perform these types of chemical procedures is inside a chemical fume hood, most people are unaware of heat’s effect on the airflow through the fume hood, and the potential impact on containment.

White Papers and Application Notes

Products in Action

PURELAB flex– Innovating Water Purity

ELGA’s new innovative Type I ultrapure water purification system ensures accurate consistent results. The PURELAB flex 3 & 4 are the latest additions to the award winning PURELAB flex range of systems.

White Papers and Application Notes

Elix® UV Technology Compared to Single and Double Distillation

Today, newer purification technologies have proven able to compete with long-established distillation. Following a brief review of these purification technologies are data for performances of a single and double distillation system, and the Millipore Elix UV system.

Products in Action

White Papers and Application Notes

Products in Action

New Series 3Y

Check out the new features of the 3Y series of balances.

Buffer Creation Wizard

Automate your Buffer Preparation with the Tecan Buffer Creation Wizard The Buffer Creation Wizard.
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