Insights On A Cell Culture Lab

Volume 0 Issue 6 | October 2012

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Cover Story

Starting Them Up, Keeping Them Running

By Angelo DePalma, PhD

Although cell culture is more than 100 years old, it has only been applied to the manufacture of biological drugs for about 25 years. Today mammalian cell culture is the workhorse production platform for most of biotech’s protein therapeutics and increasingly for cell- and virus-based vaccines.



A Solid Chain of Custody is the Top Priority

After applications and processes, workflow optimization is the primary consideration when setting up a cell culture lab. Workflow relates to how samples and cultures move through the lab, the number of operations going on simultaneously, and chain of custody.



Q&A with Select Cell Culture Experts

In this Q & A, three experts from both academia and industry discuss the types of cell culture they perform in their labs, technologies they use, and the challenges they face.
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